Feeling Hunger

After dinner this evening I felt hungry – true physical hunger, not the kind where I’m bored or anxious or needing something to do with my hands. I decided to check my calorie count for the day. Hmmm, only 859 calories in plus 30 minutes of “sweating” on the Wii. Maybe I should pay closer attention to my calories earlier in the day.

On the other hand, it is different to experience hunger and then feed my body fuel. There — all better!


3 thoughts on “Feeling Hunger

  1. Try logging in all of your food It might help you count your calories and know when you might be hungry. Good luck and wtg on exercising

  2. Your blog touched me in a lot of ways. So many of us share the same experiences while the specifics are so different. I too am a yo-yo dieter; I too am now feeling true hunger and trying to embrace it; I too know what I should do – but until now haven’t. Your blog is not at all silly! Your goals and attitude are clear and focused and positive. I will keep reading and look forward to hearing about your progress.

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