Why 250 is a mini-goal

Two-hundred fifty is not just another round number. (Three hundred is much rounder.) When I established my interim goals, the first 30 pounds representing a 10% loss was based on data that show even such a small loss from such a large person can be beneficial to one’s health. The next 3 goals all seemed rational: reach half of my total weight loss; achieve “non-obese” status; finally be at normal weight for height. But the number 250 kept sticking with me, so I wrote it down.

Today reading the 3 Fat Chicks message boards, it hit me! Someone listed things they wanted to do as they lost weight, and one of those was horseback riding. BINGO! I haven’t been able to ride horses in over 10 years because – one has to weigh 250 or less! What else have I wanted to do where 250 was a “weight-limiting” factor?

A dolphin encounter. Hammocks. Segway tours. Zip lines. Helicopter rides (or pay twice as much). Exercise machines of all ilks!

I have so much to look forward to that I had totally forgotten about. No wonder the number 250 was lurking in the back of my mind. Almost there.

cowgirl riding at sunset


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