I Didn’t “Kneed” This

My knee injury isn’t as bad as I had feared – “just” a sprain of my popliteus muscle, tendonitis, and damage to the posterolateral corner.

Back of right knee showing popliteus muscle

Remedy is PT for several weeks and getting my walking program gradually back on track. As soon as we figure out which of the favored PT groups accepts my “Cadillac” insurance program in the next week (imagine not having good insurance?), I will get going on rehab and back to walking. Hopefully that will break this dreadful weight loss plateau that I’m on now – being menopausal sucks. Plus, I miss walking; biking is out of the question as is any other lower extremity activity. Upper body strengthening is fine but  does not provide the same bonus as walking outside in the glorious spring before the Arizona heat hits full furnace next month.

poppies and lupine wildflowers

I should be able to get on track to walk/run a 5k (just like the good old days) in a few months, weather permitting – won’t do it in 115° temps! But, what a great excuse to travel, hmm.

Off to grab some pain relievers and soak in our therapeutic tub that allows me to put salts in it. What a great addition to the house!

Our bathroom really is pumpkin-colored

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One thought on “I Didn’t “Kneed” This

  1. I got a little chuckle out of this because I am so the opposite right now with my shoulder. (See my blog tomorrow for my diagnosis.) So I will be working my lower body while you are working your upper! No biking for me either, but I can walk and have been on the elliptical. I hurts my shoulder but doesn’t seem to be doing damage and I really don’t want to stop exercise altogether! Here is hoping we both heal quickly.

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