Yogurt versus Cottage Cheese!

In this corner — Nonfat Greek yogurt with fruit, 5.3 ounces, 130 calories, 13 grams protein, 18 grams carbs, 15% dietary calcium.

In the opposing corner — Non fat cottage cheese, 4 ounces, 80 calories, 14 grams protein, 5 grams carbs, 10% dietary calcium.

Cartoon of boxers

Guess which one makes me want to eat 5 servings even though I enjoy each equally at first bite? Yep, give me sweets any day. Rev up that carbohydrate lobe in my brain and set me off and running.

Last night I had an enlightening but sad experience that shows why I will never be immune to bingeing. We had stocked up on nonfat Greek yogurt because my partner now likes them. So, instead of having just a few in the fridge there were about 12. With the taste of cane sugar lingering and the stress from my in-laws visiting (company and family issues), the one post-meal yogurt later become 3 more. OMG! (better than what I really want to type). I was so embarrassed/ashamed that it was not until early this morning that I added up my calories – still within a reasonable number, but the out of control feeling was too familiar. In the old days – 7 months ago – this would have been half a gallon + of ice cream. True, it was only nonfat yogurt. Yet, the aftermath of shame was the same. While I was eating, I kept reminding myself this was a choice; did I really want this next one; was I still present while eating; kept saying enjoy the taste, the texture, or throw it out; reminded myself that I would need to scale back my calories the next day by 390. Now that was different. At least I was present in my body while having a mini-binge.

What could I have done differently? Well, eat cottage cheese instead because clearly the cane sugar is triggering. Today there are 4 cartons of my favorite brand of cottage cheese hiding Sue’s yogurt. I can keep fewer yogurts in the fridge – it would be too cruel to eat Sue’s. I can utilize the “5 D’s” (courtesy of Beverloyjoy on 3FC forums):

  • Distract myself – hit the therapeutic tub with its wonderful salts and my stack of books and iTouch, perhaps write
  • Drink lots of water – in the winter I would drink hot herbal tea as a ritual to curb urges; need to come up with something more inventive for the warm Arizona months
  • Distance myself from food – hard to do late a night in a single story house, the tub is another good place to be distant. Meditation would be grand if that were one of my practices. Writing might distance me
  • Deep breaths – or other anxiety reducing maneuvers. I would have pulled out the Wii for some fun, but sleeping company prevented this. Tried video games on the computer and only got more revved up – what a shock.
  • Destroy any food I grab for – this is so tough to do when the food is shared with someone else. If Sue had been awake, I would have asked if this was OK to do. In fact, if Sue had been awake I would have talked to her as a coping mechanism about the urge and my feelings of stress. Dang-it — writing would have been good…

So this is another learning experience on my road to health. Time to stop beating myself up. Really – this is a good thing. I feel better already, almost.

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2 thoughts on “Yogurt versus Cottage Cheese!

  1. Oh this was so me recently with darn whole wheat bagel thins, and another time with Triscuits and protein bars. Yes … it was healthy food, in theory. But I overate and as you said, the aftermath was the same. I wrote about it too but have not posted it on my blog yet. Part of me hesitates because I didn’t know if anyone else could identify or understand that overeating or binging can cause the same feelings even if it is something healthier than brownies and pizza. Obviously you get it!

  2. Oh, protein bars… I just cannot eat those any more. They are like potato chips to me – “betcha can’t eat just one!” NO I CANNOT. Too much fructose or whatever crack cocaine-like substance is in those healthy meal replacements.

    Nice (well, not for you) to know someone else understands the angst of “healthy overeating”.

    And, thanks for your faithful and supportive postings.

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