Forty Percent Off!

I was a sucker for a clothing sale yesterday and had a mixed experience. We are traveling to New York City next week for my yearly dose of Broadway, museums, and box seats at The Metropolitan Opera to hear my favorite soprano (Renee Fleming). Since few things in the closet fit me, who could resist buying a few pieces of clothing with a 40% one-day sale going on?

Sigh…. First of all, nothing fits me very well. Probably because I have some idea of where my body image is headed and, wow, it is a long ways off from what I am seeing. Also, I am between sizes. The “Big Lady” store with the sale had a few cute things and some nice travel pieces. But, everything was either too small or too big. For the first in my life I bought clothing a bit small knowing that in less than a month they will fit great, simply because they were on sale. I felt so girlie!

I still am left without “proper” garb for the opera. Didn’t think of me that way did you? (Most people don’t.) The opera is the one place that I will truly dress up. This once a year occasion is a celebration, and I intend to look my finest even being so far away from my goal weight. Next year, I will probably bend the credit card buying my opera duds.

So, it’s off to shop one more place today or have my best black dress cut down to size this week.

Metropolitan opera at night

The Metropolitan Opera

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6 thoughts on “Forty Percent Off!

  1. Opera is a passion of mine, but only if I can see it in person and only certain singers and composers — the combination of voices, scenery, orchestra, acting, ahhhh. (I usually never get any dressier than capri pants and a matching top.)

    We plan to see Wicked and either Avenue Q or South Pacific. Too little time, so many options! I do love musical theater… Sue is learning to tolerate it 🙂

    • I love it too. I mostly go with my mom, not my husband. He will tolerate the more manly shows:) I have seen both Wicked and Avenue Q and liked both a lot. Very different. I am surprised that South Pacific is playing!

      When I was growing up my grandparents introduced us to opera. I still remember going. I understand that now you get subtitles:)

      Have a great time!

  2. I love sales – and I love getting ANYTHING in a smaller size – and even more – I love buying something a smidge too tight now…and a few days later trying it on and it being just right or even too big!!

    Jealous of your trip! Enjoy!!!

  3. Jan,

    I love your blog! I relate to so much you talk about. Especially the body issues that you describe and struggle with. As one who has been obese for years and recently lost 40 pounds, I know where you are coming from.

    I am both terrified and overjoyed about being able to shop in “normal” stores. Finding clothes has always been a challenge. Last weekend I tried on some jeans and realized that, although I have had a big weightloss, my basic body shape hasn’t changed. My thighs STILL give me feelings of insecurity. And then I remember that even when I was 126 lbs., I felt fat. If I lose 40 more lbs., I will still be unhappy with my thighs. That is not about the scale.

    Wrapping my head around the body I have rather than the body I want was, is and will be my weight challenge.

  4. PS – Enjoy your NYC trip! JJill has nice things that fit those who are “in between”. Their travel wear is nice and can go from casual to night with accessory changes. Keep up the good work!

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