Slim – The Postings, Not Me

Vacation is upon me – so my postings for the next week will be infrequent. Typing from an iTouch is just so tedious.

My plan for eating is to eat like a “normal” person – only I will be doing my usual emphasis on fresh foods, no sweets (unless a fantastic dessert is begging to be tasted), little to no red meat, staying away from starches, and savoring every bite! I want to see if I can really feel when I am full then push the plate away. Since Sue will be doing the same things, this should be easier. I have asked her to help me pause if I start to grab for bagels (New York City) or seem to be eating mindlessly.

No cute pics or cartoons. Just a notice of my absence and crossing my fingers that I can come back with no extra pounds!

See you next week!


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