If I Were A Mom

The early morning hours of this Mother’s Day, I have been reflecting on my incredible good fortune to have had not only a superb Mom – still do – but also was blessed with an amazing maternal grandmother who provided me special support during medical school and unwavering physical stability throughout her long life that helped to counteract the impact of my peripatetic parents.

The benefits of these wonderful women in my life makes me ponder what things I would want to bestow on a daughter if I had ever been so lucky to have one. (Realize all of this is colored by writing at a time when I am so focused on integrating my body into my total well-being.):

•Unconditional love from me to her
•The value of an education can never be underestimated
•Her mind, body, and spirit are equally valuable, special, and require constant nourishing
•Service to others is the highest calling
•Women grow best in genuine connections with others
•Live in the moment while preparing for the future – or as my Mother says, “Wherever you go, there you are.”


3 thoughts on “If I Were A Mom

  1. These are amazing ideals to instill. It makes me reflect on what I have thought about raising my boys. Certainly the number one thing I have always focused on is that they know I love them.

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