Care-taking & Taking Care

Today the big adventure (?) begins as I head off to Texas for my father’s long overdue back surgery. To complicate my parents’ situation, Mom was just released from the hospital after a bout with sepsis and 2 weeks of needed rehab. Now they cross paths entering and leaving the hospital, neither one in good physical condition.

I have been dreading this visit – not because I don’t like/love my family, but because I am selfishly concerned about how returning to my family of origin will impact my new way of eating. Certainly I am not looking forward to seeing how much my folks have aged over the last 4 months, and being a daily care provider is not my forte. (Hey, I became a doc not a nurse… don’t do these things well.) Also, being around my parents makes me eat – how ridiculous is that statement? Nothing and no one makes me eat but me. I am, however, an emotional eater and so many issue from my very young life rear their angry and hurt heads when I visit in my parents’ home.

‘Nuff said except to see more postings from my new 3G iPad over the next 2 weeks.

5 thoughts on “Care-taking & Taking Care

  1. Oh, how so very much I can relate to how parents, however much we love them, can push our buttons and we end up eating over it!! I could write a book, lol!

    But I won’t. I’ll just say I hope you will be able to find ways to healthily relieve the emotions that WILL arise, and that this time of caring for your loved ones will end up being something that you can look back that will be full of good memories.

    Take care of YOU even as you take care of them. It’s a loving thing you are choosing to do… I respect and admire that… guess I’m feeling sentimental, cuz I’ve lost my Mom and Dad.


  2. My parents bring out my bingeing monster. I totally relate to that. Emotional eating is my forte.

    Safe travels. Praying your father heals easily and quickly from surgery.

  3. Sounds like it will be a trying time – emotionally mainly, but also in terms of the demands on your time & the environment pushing you back.

    It’s really amazing that no matter our age we all revert to childish behaviors when we are with our parents.

    Hope it goes well for you


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