Candy Is Disgusting – Who Knew?

I caved; I freely admit it. After almost one week of exposure to sweets galore, I finally gave in and allowed myself to eat some chocolate (and not the dark 73% cacao type). This turned out to be a sickening experience. The sugar rush was horrid. The taste was overwhelmingly sweet. My pancreas went into overdrive, and I wanted nothing more to do with candy – I hope.

Unlike quitting cigarettes more than 30 years ago and finding that my nicotine receptors were easily stimulated by smells, activities, and certain people, my ultra-sweet receptors(?) seem to be highly offended by exposure to these substances. BUT, I’m afraid that I could quickly become immune to my nauseating response and relapse to eating sweets of all types. I certainly still struggle with starches and keep them out of reach. The slippery slope to eating very high glycemic index substances might be close by…

Until I return home, my solutions are to fall back on the 5 D’s –move my mother’s stash of sweets into her bedroom (distance); distract myself with any number of tasks that need to be tackled in their house; drink, drink, drink water (or iced tea since this is Texas); take calming deep breaths; destroy any sweets I grab for, or at least get them out of my reach.

When will my problems with stimulus control go away?


3 thoughts on “Candy Is Disgusting – Who Knew?

  1. I gave you a blog award today:)

    I love your Ds. Clever concept. I have had some very unhealthy chocolate lately and it did not hit me that way. But I am right there with you with the starches! Slippery slope… argh. I have cut out bread and crackers AGAIN. If I don’t eat them, I eventually don’t crave them or even miss them. Amazing how that works for me.

    • Gosh-thanks for the blog award! Soon as I can figure out how to incorporate a graphic using my iPad, I will expess my gratitude in post.

  2. I tried low carb last spring after reading Good Calories, Bad Calories. Until then I thought it was just a weird gimmick, a ploy to keep yourself from eating too many calories by cutting out whole food groups.

    I was astonished at how I felt after about a week. Hunger just disappeared unless it was several hours after a meal. Cutting out all grains and sugars (and most fruit) was much easier than I expected, in particular after I realized the hunger element & noticed that I felt great. It took some time to find good indulgences so I didn’t feel deprived.

    I’m a hard-core dark chocolate girl & moved to 85% cocoa (Lindt makes one) and then even to 99% and sometimes 100% cocoa bars. Those are admittedly an acquired taste, but the 85% is pretty easy to get used to if you’re already a dark chocolate eater. I also make a quick dessert where I mix cocoa powder into mascarpone cheese (which is basically 100% butterfat). I also do it with vanilla powder and cinnamon.

    I’ve been really surprised how easy I’ve found controlled-carb eating to be. Restaurants are easy, eating gourmet meals is easy, & living with my foodie husband here in France daily living is much easier (and more enjoyable) eating this way than any other diet to lose that I’ve tried.

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