My Blog Has Been Dark

Words, especially typed ones without affect, have escaped me since the sudden and unexpected death of my 79 year-old mother 10 days ago.

Joyce was loved by absolutely everyone who really knew her. She was a  woman of her time – the wife of minister, life-long homemaker, and mother of 4 adoring kids who are as different as she was funny, witty, gracious, brave, and feisty. Despite her failing health, she was always smiling, saying please and thank you (like any true Texan), wanting to help, frustrated by not being as physically independent (oh, how she loved to drive!), and cracking us up with her inability to remember a joke – except the punchline.

Her wake, burial, and memorial services were attended by family and friends from across the country. I had forgotten how many true friends our family has. Sad that death has to bring us closer together.

We laughed, cried, ate, respected her wishes for no purple or organ music and did not take her body to church. “If heaven is like church, I don’t think I want to go,” she told us. Spoken like a true minister’s wife.

I loved her fiercely. I miss her greatly. She lives on in my siblings and my memory. We will celebrate her life always.



8 thoughts on “My Blog Has Been Dark

  1. I am soooooo very sorry to hear about your mom. I know how important your family is and how much you love your parents. My heart breaks with you. Imagine a big, giant, Texas hug. Kelli

    • Thanks Kelli and to all who have replied here and in other methods. Guess you never outgrow the need for you mom.

  2. I am really sorry for your loss. She sounds like a beautiful person and I pray that your heart will heal.

  3. I have only just started reading your blog recently, but the thought of losing my mom as you have yours just makes my heart ache for you. I do hope that you have many friends and loved ones who will make this time easier for you and that you continue to enjoy your happy memories of her.

  4. Sskar, so sorry to hear about the death of your mom.

    No, I think you never get over this loss – you go on, you move past it, but somewhere you remember (and honor) her. My mom had a pretty fiery relationship with her mother, and I know she still thinks of her all the time, and misses her terribly.

    I’m sure the love you express here will continue to live in your heart as you remember her.

  5. Jan, I’m so sorry to hear – for some reason, I didn’t see this on the browser version, which is what I typically use, until I used regular Messenger today. Lots of support and hugs from Texas to you and your family.

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