Resurrection of a Gym Rat

Don’t laugh – I once was an athlete. Back in the days before athletic females were cool, volleyball, softball, basketball, and tennis were my games of choice. I was a bona fide jock and loved the smell of a gym. (Not the guys’ side!) Back in 1991-92 when I lost a lot of weight and was in a gym for toning and cardio, my endorphin levels would soar just walking in and being surrounded by the sounds, smells and sights – all before I started my workout.

gym ratNow I am embarking on another gym experience. For years my fear of being laughed at, talked about because of my size (and my fitness level) kept me out of sports and out of gyms. Even going to physical therapy for my knee tendonitis made me uncomfortable. Last month my primary care doc (yes, physicians go to doctors too) suggested a gym geared to people rehabbing from injuries and those over age 50. After checking it out twice and an extensive interview with the manager, I am now a member of The FitCenter, which specializes in providing services in a non-intimidating environment. My yearly membership (for about $1 a day) provides me full access to every piece of equipment one could want, a great pool with adult only access, all the free classes I can stand, and a few sessions with a personal trainer to get me started. Sure there are old folks (they were celebrating a couple of birthdays for 90-year olds) but there are also young people who hate the LA Fitness-type environment and others who like the programming offered.

My fitness assessment is tomorrow – that shouldn’t take long 😉 then I’m up and running, errr exercising and swimming. Cannot wait!

doctor lecturing about exercise


9 thoughts on “Resurrection of a Gym Rat

  1. I hope you enjoy being back in the gym. I was never much of an athlete, but I have always been a gym rat. I enjoy our gym which is part of a medical center and has the PT area downstairs.

    Looking forward to your gym posts – have fun!

  2. I never exercised growing up. It was hard to develop a habit as an adult. When I first joined a gym, I am pretty sure I was in a thin phase of my life but ready to get in shape. I felt very uncomfortable and unsure of myself. And then I grew to LOVE it. So unexpected. That gym closed years ago and my current gym, where I have not gone since my March injury, is filled with people of all ages and all sizes. No one judges. Everyone is friendly.

    I hope you have a great time at your gym. And you get back that inner athlete. Let us know how it goes.

  3. Congratulations! The first step is the hardest and you have that one behind you. I can’t wait to read about your progress!

    I almost joined a PT/gym facility, but they didn’t have classes. Not that I’ve taken any at the new gym, but I have the option. 🙂

  4. Congrats on finding a new gym! I hope that you find your groove quickly, feel at home, and find yourself as a bona fide gym rat once again!

  5. Good for you on the gym membership! I keep thinking of joining the Y here. I’ll think a little longer. 🙂

  6. Sounds like a great gym! I didn’t start going to a gym until I turned 50. Now I’ve developed a habit of working out for an hour 3 days a week no matter what. It was difficult to get the habit established, but I love it now. I’ll be cheering you on! I found you through the Follow Friday 40 and Over!

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