I Hate to Travel; I Love to Vacation

This weekend we are headed to New Hampshire for a few days with my in-laws. The sudden death of my mother made my sweetie more eager to visit her aging relatives – me, too. Once upon a time these treks to Yankee-land New England for this Texan (we have a mixed marriage 😉 ) were full of angst because, well, my mother-in-law and I, <cough> she is, um, let me just state that we haven’t always found it easy to be around one another. Don’t get me wrong, I love her (I hate her), and we have been working on our relationship for 20 years. All that hemming and hawing to say that family means more to me than ever. I am truly look forward to being with my extended family – every one of them. Even if they do talk funny and have disturbing state motto.

Welcome to New Hampshire road sign the sign says, "Welcome Bienvenue New Hampshire" with the state motto, "Live Free or Die".

The bad part of the trip is getting ready. I have always dreaded packing, fretting over what to take, how much to take, usually putting it off until the last moment, then packing too much. Then there is the actual traveling. For me the journey isn’t that enjoyable – unless the journey actually is part of the adventure as in traveling across Europe or going on my first cruise. Beam me to my destination so I can get to enjoying myself! New England in the fall! Cool weather! Salt water! LL Bean!!!! And, I don’t have to worry about fitting in airliner seats any more. What to eat while on vacation – how much fresh sea food can I possibly put away in 5 days?

Right now I am in “fret overload” as I wash clothes and realize so few things fit, and those that do fit are geared for the climate in Southern Arizona – not the mountains and coast of New England in the fall. Capri pants and sandals just won’t do – but they will have to until I get to LL Bean and find a few things that will be appropriate for the cooler nights in our desert’s late fall and winter. I hate to spend money on clothes I know will be passed to Goodwill in the spring, but I do enjoy shopping, and… did I ever tell you about the time we saw Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman at LL Bean (back in their married days).


8 thoughts on “I Hate to Travel; I Love to Vacation

  1. LL Bean?! Then you must be going to the flagship store in southern Maine. I LOVE southern Maine. NH…kinda boring in my opinion. Have you done a day-trip to Vermont before? I’m not sure where in NH your MIL lives, but Manchester, VT is freaking adorable, and Northampton, MA is a fun and funky town with some good music events.

    I’m a newly baptized east-coaster (grew up in Illinois and now live in upstate NY) and I gotta say, I don’t understand your angst. New England ROCKS…now TEXAS…that’s a whoooooole different planet! 🙂 (just teasing you!)

  2. Hello, I’ve come visiting via Follow Friday 40+. I know what you mean about getting ready for trips, even day ones. For me, it seems to take longer, as I grow older, but the I also find myself waiting at the last minute. Not at all what I used to do. Funny how that goes. Hope you’re enjoying yourself in Yankee land.

  3. The angst is old and had to do with in-law crap. I do love New England and have traveled all over Maine, NH, and VT. We married in the White Mountains 19 years ago and plan to renew our vows there next fall! If the weather were not so horrid 9 months of the year (and the people not so strange j/k), we probably would take up the offer to inherit a 100-year old family farm. But the deal is we have to live on it full time – no way I am spending winters in New England.

  4. I am jealous! I love NH. And when my husband and I went to Maine a couple years ago we detoured for a stop at LLBean. Too bad you won’t get the foliage change yet. That might make up for the hassles of travel and in-laws:) Have some fresh seafood for me!

  5. I wish I were going with you. I love NH! My husband is from there….I’m from Lousyana. We’re in one of those “mixed marriages” too. I’m now following you along on your journey. I look forward to getting to know you.

    Have a great time!

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