Give Me Wisdom

Lee Lawrie's "Wisdom" Rockefeller Center

I once prayed for strength, now I ask for “Wisdom” as depicted in Lee Lawrie’s amazing art deco frieze above the GE Building entrance in NYC. (Original photo taken May, 2010)

6 thoughts on “Give Me Wisdom

    • I think that I once equated being strong with invincibility – fortitude beyond human capability – a character trait which would keep me safe. Now I understand that wisdom is the act of applying knowledge, experience, skills, and perceptions to make the best decisions possible, to achieve optimal well-being for myself and those around me.

  1. Wisdom comes with the experience of age…now that I’m catching it I would much prefer the folly of youth… Experience is a poor exchange, don’t you think?

    I’m here from the Follow Friday… Nice to meet you. Have a great month!

  2. So this is the artist in me being to distracted by the “pretty” to pay attention to the “wisdom”. Haha. But really… that’s so pretty. I miss NY!

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