One Year Blogaversary

Amazing things can happen in one year – wonderful, glorious, awful, depressing, eye-opening, life-changing events; along with the everyday routines, which seem to be my biggest problem when it comes to long-term behavior change.

I don’t have much to say on this day except that as I reflect back on why I started blogging, “as an adjunct to monitoring food and weight and behavioral changes”, the process has been helpful to me. I have received much support from comments and from reaching out to other bloggers as I post on their sites. My natural inclination is to be extremely introverted – except when I work, then I can throw myself out to others. Thus, my experience in the blogosphere has probably not been as connecting as others have found. I, however, have found the experience to be invaluable for keeping me on track – even when I got off track for a couple of months. In the past I would have just let my behaviors revert to overeating, bingeing, and losing touch with my body. Forcing myself to come back to this place has helped to keep me grounded. And, goodness knows I have needed help through the sudden death of my mother and the not-unexpected grief that I have experienced alone and with my family. (Knowing about the grief experience and going through it…)

Today we found out that our oldest dog, Mattie, probably has lymphoma. So we will be struggling with arranging palliative treatment without the vet specialist conducting invasive tests for a definitive diagnosis. (Sue worked at the “world’s best cancer hospital” for years – we are ready to put up a fight for Mattie not to undergo unnecessary pain.) Pets – so much joy, so brief a time in our lives.

Thanks for being here along the journey.

Jan & Mattie

Jan and Mattie dog


6 thoughts on “One Year Blogaversary

  1. I totally know what you mean about being introverted except at work. I’m the same way. I enjoy your blog and I wish you’d post more often, but when you do it is always quality. Sorry about your doggy.

  2. Happy blogoversary! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through your blog!

    And I’m so sorry about Mattie. How brave of you to fight for what’s best for HER, even when it means such a profound personal loss for you. I’ll be thinking of you all.

  3. My beloved cat died at 16 after a two-year bout with diabetes. Near the end, finally, I said enough with the injections and blood testing and she died peacefully at home. I still haven’t been able to get another cat — there is no replacing her.

    When I started blogging, although it was for myself, I still felt a little afraid that no one would ever comment. I wouldn’t call myself introverted, but I have a big issue with rejection. I only have a small handful of bloggers whose blogs I read and who comment on mine, but it is just enough.

    Happy Blogaversary

  4. I am happy that you started blogging and that it has worked for you in a way similar to how it has for me. Not being a “joiner”, I wasn’t sure about blogging, but I have been happy with my experience, too.

    I am sorry to hear about your Mattie. My Hilda is 13 so I am aware of our more limited time with her, too. It is like knowing a piece of your heart is going to be gone.

  5. Hi…I found your blog via the Friday Follow blog hop tonight and I am going to be a regular reader and RSS follower because we have a lot in common…..we both have/had a dog and we both had blogoversary’s this month. I’m afraid that I don’t have one thing in common with you…I am not on a diet….but you’ll forgive me for that, I hope. I do love that you made yourself accountable about your diet/weight loss plan and I take my hat off to you for persevering in your weight loss….and you look fabulous!

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