Tucson in Tears

editorial cartoon

An editorial cartoon on the politics of the Giffords shooting by Randall Enos.


5 thoughts on “Tucson in Tears

  1. I am so sad about the shootings in Tucson. I had long wondered about the rhetoric and the hatefulness being thrown about. Words matter.

  2. My oldest niece lives in a Tucson burb, and has been urging me to retire near her. I guess it could have happened anywhere, but I am extremely uneasy regarding Arizona’s policies (or lack of them) regarding firearms. I am so sorry for your community. What a tragedy.

  3. Tucson is beautiful. For the past 5+ years I have been wondering how long we could tolerate the hate here, though. I am ready to move.

    As far as guns, the only state with less gun restriction is Utah, and that will probably go by the wayside soon when the state legislature votes to allow guns on college campuses.

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