Limping Toward Vacation Goal

Limping, literally… If you can’t stand a bit of a whine, that’s OK. I’m having a difficult time putting up with me!

My body seems to be in some sort of revolt as I try this little sprint toward 200 pounds by the end of February. Despite being back on plan (except I could be eating more veggies), my weight keeps fluctuating between 210-214, and I don’t have the hormones to blame any more! Also, attempts to really exercise have been thwarted by mysterious hip pain on both sides. My doc and I initially explained this as a side effect from a cholesterol-lowering medication. (Someone please tell me why my cholesterol is higher than it has EVER been yet my diet is better than it has ever been?) Despite being off the drug for 2 months, my hip pain and stiffness continue to be such an issue that I am now off to see a rheumatologist. (For Ann and any other medical professional, my ESR and C-reactive protein are normal, so probably not polymyalgia rheumatica.)

So, here I sit, feeling older than I am, frustrated at my body’s resistance to lose weight/fat and more than a little angry that I can’t move around like I want.

OK, whining and update over. Except for this regarding Weight Watchers. I really, really can’t get in to counting points. I want to know exactly how the protein:carb that I am eating. Perhaps one year plus of counting calories and trying to keep a 40/30/30 balance has just made it second-hand. Perhaps I just don’t like change. So, it’s back to my old method of monitoring. The good thing I gained from WW is recipes with lots of nutritional info, and I am actually cooking more. I’m happy WW has worked for Jennifer Hudson, but I can’t argue with my success over the past year.


10 thoughts on “Limping Toward Vacation Goal

  1. Sorry about you darn body! Your hips and my hernia:(

    I went to WW yesterday to check out the new program. I did WW many years ago with success but gained it all back, of course. I just can’t get into the idea of counting points again. Oh I hate that. Especially calculating for recipes. Not sure what I will do. My mind is whirling in confusion. Wish this was easier.

    But what I love – your last little piece – “…I can’t argue with my success over the past year. “

  2. Have you looked at TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) to check your thyroid? I had horrible joint & muscle pain (hips & shoulders) after being diagnosed as hypothyroid.

    • Thanks for the input, Lori. My TSH was perfectly normal. That would have been a nice explanation for my fatigue and continued weight loss plateau. Sigh.

  3. Oh no! I’m sorry for your aches and pains and truly hope you find a cause/treatment soon.

    It’s great to try new things, especially when they confirm that your preferred method of doing something is the best way for you!

  4. Just started reading your blog. Your success is AWESOME! Sorry to hear about the struggles you are going through, there is nothing more frustrating for me than pain when I’m are trying to workout. Sometime our bodies just don’t want to cooperate. When you say 40/30/30 are you talking about protein/carbs/fat? I am trying to find the right ratios myself. Hope your back on track soon. 🙂

    • Thanks for reading! You are right about the ratios. I could go even higher on the protein, and I definitely try attempt to get in the “right” carbs, meaning low glycemic index, high fiber, etc.

  5. My husband is in the same boat as you — he’s always had a higher cholesterol reading of 200 or slightly more. About 4 years ago, he was put on a statin to lower his cholesterol — and it does keep it just under 200 — but he started making a bigger effort to watch his diet. He’s far from perfect, but has cut his fats to probably only 20% of what he used to eat. He plays 2 vigorous hours of racquetball 4 – 6 times weekly. He doesn’t overeat. Although he is only perhaps 15 pounds heavier than an ideal weight, his weight is stuck too. We never thought about the statin affecting his metabolism, but maybe it does. And then, there’s the aging thing — boy, talk about something slowing down metabolism…..

    I’ve personally known a couple of people who have done well with the WW program, but both gained weight back after they dropped out. I personally don’t even like to count calories anymore, but I do it every so often to check myself when the scale isn’t moving downward. Inevitably, I’m eating more than I think I am.

    Sorry about your pain — it’s very frustrating to have a mindset that you will do what is necessary to get healthy and lose weight, and then find that your body cannot physically cooperate.

  6. I have been complaining about my aches and pains, too. My sister says it is the cold-damp winter – not such an issue where you are, though. I have even looked into the anti-inflamation diet plans for inspiration. I have not done WW in part because I think the points thing wouldn’t work for me either. I don’t mind counting calories.

    I hope you are able to find an answer, after a few years of pain, I learned that my hip issues come from an old back injury and I have learned what to avoid to help keep it at bay.
    It must be very frustrating to have your goal in sight and have these problems – I feel for you.

  7. Thanks for all the well wishes. I saw a rheumatologist 2 days ago. She thinks my hip pain is most likely due to statins – although she is ruling out bizarre autoimmune diseases since there are other things in my history that make her scratch her head. But, it is frightening to have heard her say that some people can be affected for 6 months+ from statins, and one can actually see muscle damage on biopsy even if muscle enzyme testing is normal. No more statins for me – going very low carb diet now.

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