Lingerie Fitting

Bra fitting to be specific! (Didn’t want web crawlers salivating over a better title such as, “Tits Ahoy”.) After 95 pounds of weight loss, my girls are sagging, and I was unable to find a decent bra on my own. So, I threw my body consciousness out the window and went to a specialty shop, Alice Rae Fine Intimate Apparel in Tucson and worked with a wonderful woman named Becky.

Wow, have I been wearing the wrong size! (too big). I picked out 3 bras – one underwire, one soft, and one sports. All the sizes were a little different because of companies and construction.

The entire experience was most enlightening and actually pleasant to end up with my boobs aligned anatomically, no neck pain, and to spend time with someone who knows her work and enjoyed educating me. I will definitely return as I continue to shrink and try to avoid a tit-tacking surgery.


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  1. One of the most “uplifting” experiences of my adult life happened a few years ago when I took the “girls” to a bra-fitting at Nordstrom. WOW! It was so fun and I learned a ton. Of course, I was wearing the wrong size bra. I am looking forward to going back for an update since losing over 40 lbs. I am so glad you had this experience!

  2. I saw an Oprah episode once where it turned out most women wear the wrong size! I am so tiny I hardly ever where one and it is hard to find any that fit. The saddest part, even tiny boobs can sag:(

  3. I am almost at the pot where I need to do the same thing. I moved back into my old bras a few months ago and in a couple of months I’ll need to move again. I agree that a good fitting can be life changing – not just for looks but for comfort.

    • I took my new sports bra (Enell) out for a walk yesterday. Although the girly-pink contraception (only one they had in my size) looks like a straight jacket, it was very comfortable, and my chest didn’t look odd under a shirt. Gotta say I do like the underwire bra for taking weight off of my shoulders. I might just go return the soft cup one today for another underwire.

  4. Do not go to my blog today! 🙂 I think I am experiencing a bit of a disconnect between a burning desire to be and feel healthy and fit and a crush on all foods, fun, fabulous or fancy. Congrats on your weight loss journey and thanks for sharing it here. I also enjoyed your last post about writing for wellness. So sorry to read about your mom and it was sweet to read a bit about your relationship with your dad. I am so happy to have found you through the over 40 blog hop and I look forward to reading more. You can find me over at and Have a great weekend! ~Blessings, Janet

  5. I don’t think my first message went through. Sorry for the confusion.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting about twitter. I actually learned something new from you. Thanks!

    I am not familiar with wordpress. How does one follow your blog?

    Marnie xo

    • Thanks for stopping by! You can either subscribe on the left side of the front page via e-mail or RSS. If you use Google Reader, you can add my blog there. If you read a lot of blogs (or other Internet pages), Google Reader is a handy 1-stop way to visit your favorite sites daily.

  6. When I was 20 pounds heavier, I bought a few new bras at, what I thought, was my correct size. They never fit properly — either digging into me, or my boobs falling out of them. After losing 20 pounds, they now fit beautifully and are pretty comfortable, although those excess pounds stretched them out a bit. I have both sport and soft underwire types. When I lose the rest of my weight, I may have a proper fitting like you did. Years ago I did this, and my experience wasn’t the same as yours — I ended up with bras I didn’t like. However, there are now so very many styles and manufacturers to choose from that I’m sure to find some attractive and functional underwear.

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