Inspiration From Fat Pants

When the scale doesn’t move for 2 weeks, you gotta look for other inspiration


holding up huge pair of shorts

Lounging shorts from 99 pounds ago




10 thoughts on “Inspiration From Fat Pants

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  2. You certainly inspire me! You look fantastic! Are you always going to save one big item? I’m getting rid of every larger sized stitch of clothing I’ve ever owned. I don’t even want to save the photos, but I probably will keep a couple.

    • I am saving one pair of pants and a shirt for the final before and after. Everything else is headed to Goodwill. 7 Hefty bags (and 8 sizes) gone so far.

  3. That is AWESOME! Made me smile! Nice to find other places for inspiration. I will be doing this because I stay away from the scale…..way to frustrating. 🙂

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