Eating in Paradise

How does a gal cope being away from home and kitchen and living a low(er) carb, no sugar, starch, grain life style while in Hawaii? Besides sipping 100% Kona coffee on the lanai, this has been a challenge.

Who wants to cook every meal while on vaca? Sure, eggs for breakfast are fine and go great with whale watching from the comfort of the deck chairs. I have been skipping lunch, although our trip to the local Walmart (a must for buying the cheapest tee shirts and aloha shirts for friends and family) has the cupboard stocked with tuna and sardines. The condo complex has an amazing barbecue setup, which we plan to use with some fresh fish from the local fishermen, if we ever manage to get our butts out to the harbor. The local KTA supposedly sells decent fresh fish, too. Costco, a favorite of everyone here, does not sell local fish.

We ate out yesterday after a glorious whale watching excursion. I didn’t care for the fresh catch of the day and went with a burger, no bread. Why do all plates comes with some sort of starch and more starch? Asking to substitute fruit and veggies is like asking for the moon. The portions were HUGE! And, since when did it become so hard just to offer oil and vinegar as a dressing? Can you tell why I don’t eat out much?

All is not lost. Fresh pineapple is waiting to be cut. Almonds are sitting around when the need for a quick snack hits. Found a Subway using the app AroundMe to grab a quick salad on the way to a distant favorite beach for boogie boarding. And, that fresh fish WILL be on the grill tonight.

Whew, thanks for letting me vent. I think my inability to exercise to any degree is messing with my brain chemistry. Yes, I am still holding a grudge against the manufacturers of all statin medications.

Perhaps I need to go meditate on the lava rocks below. My Mom would have loved being here. Life is too short to bitch this much.


4 thoughts on “Eating in Paradise

  1. I know it is difficult to eat healthy on vaca but it sounds like you are doing all the right things. Kona coffee YUMMY!!!

  2. No matter what, you’re in HAWAII! Maybe the meditation thing will help!

    (I’m surprised in a resort area that they’re not more accommodating with the menu, especially one that’s known for its abundant fruit. I’ve always thought of Memphis as behind-the-times, but around here, most restaurants offer substitutions.)

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