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A very quick post to let folks know that my favorite “diet doctor” will be writing daily posts for the next month about transformative eating – getting to successful maintenance. I appreciate Dr. Berkeley’s writing, scientific approach, and years of clinical experience working with obese patients and following maintainers. She clearly states when something comes from science and when something is based on her opinions or experience.

Here is a quote from the first post in the series that really hit home, “You will have made the quantum leap when you go from wanting to stay away from unhealthy foods to really not wanting to eat them anymore in some visceral way.”

Dr. Berkeley

Barbara Berkeley, M.D.


5 thoughts on “Physician Blog Referral

  1. I like the quote, and I think I may benefit from reading the posts. I knew I had taken a turn down the right path when even my overeating days meant I was overeating healthy foods instead of unhealthy foods. It’s a process with an occasionally steep learning curve.

    Are you on Twitter?

    • I am on twitter @jygroff alias “Crabby Loser”
      Warning about my twitter account though. I use twitter as a social and political outlet as well as for keeping up with favorite bloggers and health issues. I rarely get obnoxious (unless tweeting back to @SpeakerBoehner or adding a nasty hashtag after Huckabee’s name) but freely express my progressive leanings, views on human rights, and strong opinion about health care reform (especially the need for universal health care).

      Something fun I re-tweeted yesterday: “What do all Scandinavians, Belgians and the Dutch have that 52 million Americans don’t? Health care

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I’d love to email you, but can’t seem to find a way. If you would, email me.

  3. Wow! First, so glad I found your blog. Second, so glad that of all days I found it today! What a great referral – I’ll definitely be reading this series!

  4. This looks like a great resource. I have, over many, many years, change most of my diet to very healthy choices. The binges are even sometimes on “healthy foods” like too many ww tortillas with avocado!
    But the real issue is when I get off track and deep into the sugar/fat combo which I recognise is a self-comforting thing.

    I will certainly get caught up on these posts and see what I can get out of them.


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