I Scream

This is unofficial rant day for da blog. So I’ll make these kinda brief and to the point:

Another plateau. After 565 days, one would think I would be used to these. My devout adherence to <1200 calories/day plus no sugar/starch/grains is my own body’s proof that calories in/calories out math does not apply to weight as measured on a scale.

My in-laws continue to bring ice cream into the house. Finally told clinically crazy mother-in-law (MIL) that putting ice cream in our freezer is like giving whiskey to an alcoholic. Blank stare.

They removed “my” chair from the living area to put a chair MIL bought for herself. Now I’m beginning to feel more than a little displaced but have found a source of firewood for our cool desert evenings…invasive inlawsIt’s too darn hot! I either have to walk at 6 am or at dusk now, which is when rattlesnakes are most active on the trails. Lovely. Maybe spring will return for a few more days before I have to walk elsewhere.

Why can’t all clothes be sized the same? I leapt for joy when apparently dropping 2 sizes only to find that in another store I was a size larger. So, add sizing to the scale as a bad measure of fat loss. The tape measure is best if you can’t measure your actual fat stores.

A grocery store clerk turned down my ID when paying with a credit card because I looked nothing like the picture. Oh wait, that’s maybe a good thing, except now I probably need to go get a new driver’s license.

Finally – In an attempt to cut spending, Congress wants to repeal Medicare (for those currently born after 1955) and replace it with private health insurance. Yes, those of you who have paid in will lose out. The most efficient health insurance program for our nation’s elderly will be handed over to the most inefficient industry on earth. How about going after some revenue from the big corporations that pay ZERO taxes? (Apologies, this comes from my concern over health care for seniors and the poor. I don’t give a rip which political party is proposing such idiocy.)

Now off for a brisk walk along a local park route.

Have a great weekend! (I wish cause they will be gone after next weekend.)

10 thoughts on “I Scream

  1. Oh man! I know that math only too well. And don’t get me started on what we paid for but will never get back from the government! Are your in-laws just visiting or do they live with you?

    • They are snow birds from New Hampshire and have their own RV, which they have avoided living in for most of this winter. Our house seems so much more preferable to them. Not for long – we are selling the RV (that Sue bought them and pays yearly rent on). Now it is up to them to figure out their living arrangements for next winter. And, that does not include our home. At their ages (86 & 84) their years of living independently are rapidly drawing to a close. Time for other family members to step up to the plate.

  2. LOL at the chair, but really laughed at the Weather Channel caption. When traveling recently with my parents, I received frequent weather reports as that seemed to be the only channel they watched in their rooms. 🙂

    I am/was *really* counting on Medicare for the future. After all, I’ve been paying in for over 30 years! This across-the-board repeal approach is very scary.

    • I’m glad people are finding humor in the “rant” because that is how it was intended. The Weather Channel shot was pure gleeful, accident. Gawd only knows why they watch TWC here when the forecast rarely changes in Tucson this time of year. They have 3 favorite channels they switch between – History, Encore Western movies, & TWC. (I used parental controls to block Fox News 😉 )

  3. Loving your rant! In law crap= HATE IT. And I totally think firewood is in order. Can’t believe they replaced your chair w/ hers. And the ice cream conversation and the blank stair cracked me the hell up. If it’s any consolation, I have the same blank stair from my MIL. Sigh. Hee hee. Big gufaws for me at this post and I needed a giggle or two. Sorry.

    Totally agree on the clothes sizes because I had the same thing happen w/ some size 14 jeans that didn’t fit from Target but did at Kohl’s. What-ever!

    Medicare. Holy freaking shit. I’m telling you they won’t have a single doctor left on this stuff and how exactly are we funding medical education?????? This is BS man! And…….my husband works for EPA so on top of all that he’s probably getting furloughed. ACK!

    • OMG! Sorry about your hubby’s possible furlough. Damn Congress and stubborn idiots who won’t remove their social issues from the budget!

  4. Loved you rant and the picture was great! I am so with you on the Medicare issue. The Govt. Can not run it’s way out of a wet paper bag..and they want to run insurance for the elderly..Please!

  5. In-laws! Sometimes their sense of entitlement cracks me up and the sad thing is we let them get away with it. I guess that is where “pick you battles wisely” comes into play. I get frustrated with the way clothes are sized too because it prevents me from going to stores and trying on brands I am not familiar with. Healthcare issues piss me off! It seems people who take care of themselves and go to the doctor when they need to are the people getting punished the most. Total BS! I love your rant! Hope you feel better and have a fantastic week! 🙂

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