To Reduce or Not?

Not what you’re thinking. I have reduced: my calorie count and sugar/starch/grain consumption; body weight by 115 pounds; and body fat by an estimated 45%. Now with 50 pounds left, there is one (actually 2) things on mind, rather on my chest.

During a mammogram yesterday, as my boobs in all their pendulous glory lay squished one at a time under the compressor paddle getting irradiated, once again I pondered breast lift & reduction surgery. Why? I don’t consider myself a vain person. (Who does?) Facial plastic surgery and body sculpting are not on the list. But honestly, my chest looks like I’ve had 12 kids. The best under-wire bra money can buy only puts my boobs so close to anatomically correct position. My neck is killing me – so much I was concerned that a 16-year old cervical spine fusion had finally failed. The MRI thankfully only showed arthritis, and my physical terrorist is having a difficult time getting the right side of my neck muscles to unspasm. (“Ah-ha, a paper trail!” said the mammogram technician. “Maybe you can qualify medically for a breast reduction.”) Who wants surgery? Sure boobs above my waist (slight exaggeration) would be delightful. Being able to walk/jog without the slapping of breast tissue on chest, no longer being embarrassed, no more neck pain – all very tempting.

Fifty pounds to think about it. I don’t like surgeons. Hey, I’m a doctor, why should I?

old woman in bikini bottom only

7 thoughts on “To Reduce or Not?

  1. Oh I know this feeling! Except I don’t have anything left to reduce. What’s there could sure benefit from a lift. I’m trying to find a plastic surgeon who would do all the surgery {insert medical equivalent of pro bono here},but surprisingly, no one has taken me up on the opportunity. 🙂

    Seriously, it’s a tough decision to make. You’ll benefit from it, both in activity level and comfort level, but it IS surgery.

  2. I can’t identify with you on this one other than to say that even itty bitty titties can sag thanks to age and breastfeeding:( At least when I was young they were perky. Sigh.

  3. Oh! I wish my girls would stand at attention! The glory days of my youth…I have discovered the workout bra of my dreams – it’s called the TA TA Tamer from Lululemon. And it’s wonderful!

  4. I have thought about this too, my breasts will certainly contoinue to deflate and they have been pointing south for years! I am even more concerned about the saggy tummy flesh and skin. I am still much father away from goal than you – yet I admit I fixate on this subject too much. Will I look better after? Knowing that I will feel better and be healther is the most important thing – but it doesn’t mean we can avoid how we feel about our appearance.

    • Surprisingly my gut area is not that saggy, especially considering the HUGE pannus that I had. My bat wings – something else! Trust me, I am not doing any exercise to tone up right now other than walking. It’s amazing what the body will do on it’s own – or not…

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