A Mother’s Day First

No Mom. At least not a physical one. Only in our memories. Last year I wrote too briefly how wonderful my mother was. Words still are grossly inadequate to describe her, or perhaps I fear sounding like the start of canonization (and she was oh, so Protestant – Evangelical, even.) Maybe a little irreverence would snap me out of it… Google “sainthood” and one stumbles upon a page on how to make someone a saint! My Catholic friends and readers please forgive me, but I had to try. Plus, if it’s good enough for the last Pope to be on the fast track, hey.

Below is the suggested information for a “Cyber Shrine” to my Mom:

Saint Betty Joyce of Texas (Have to put both names, and her goodness was large enough for the entire state)

Patron Saint of Pastor’s Wives. (She refused to adhere to the norm and was a role model for many women who adored her.)

Feast Day December 4. (Her birthday, obviously)

I am leaving tomorrow to spend this Mother’s Day with my family of origin. First trip back to parents’ home with only one parent residing. It has taken almost one year to feel capable of visiting without coming apart at the seams – strange since I never lived in their house or in that city, but my mom’s presence was so pervasive after the funeral. Joyce was gracious, giving, funny, ever smiling, ever loving, forever loved.

I’m eager to see my Dad and siblings, not so eager to trek out to the graveyard. This doctor doesn’t do death well.


9 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day First

  1. Hahaha! I’m catholic and superstitious so I love the idea! What a perfect way to honor your mother 🙂 Everytime we did family road trip through Quebec we would have to stop at St. Anne De Beaupre to replinsh my grandmother’s supply of holy water…

    I think Patron St. of Pastor’s wives is wonderful!

  2. Losing my dad, over 24 years ago now, gave me an unexpected new perspective on cemeteries. He is buried outside Boston, where he spent most of his life, and I am in the Midwest, so I don’t have many chances to visit his grave. But oddly I found comfort in the few times I have been there. I could feel closer to him. I could “talk” to him in my head (since there was always someone with me). And I now view cemeteries as places filled with love; everyone buried there loved and/or was loved.

    I am sure this Sunday will be emotional. I hope you find some comfort in spending time with your family. Hugs.

  3. What a lovely tribute to your mom. In a day and age where spoiled rotten irreverance exudes out of the pours of many youth…it is refreshing to see you (even if we’re in our middle age 🙂 hold your mom in such high esteem. It sounds as though as the bible verse goes: “Her children will arise and call her blessed.” Cool…Jan…very cool 🙂

  4. Jan, a wonderful tribute to someone we all loved a lot. Sure miss her.

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