Family, Food, & Breast Cancer – Oh My!

I have spent the last week with my father, visiting with my younger sister, “baby” brother and sister-in-law and experiencing a house without Mom. The week has passed so quickly! Dad has been vigilant about my way of eating, cooking yummy breakfasts every morning, having huge pots of coffee, making dinners with lean protein and green veggies. Of course there were the expected candies and cookies lying around, but not the least bit tempting. Amazing. We spent 2 days at my brother’s home breaking in their new pool & eating Tex-Mex. My sis-in-law makes incredible pico de gallo that I devoured with a fork — no chips needed! Naked fajitas, yummy, as were carnitas. OK, I had to have a few barracho beans but skipped the rice and all things tortilla.

Yesterday we drove the 30 or so miles to a rural town and the family plot to visit Mom’s grave. We brought a bright bundle of daisies and, at the suggestion of my other sister, also placed a Snickers bar. Mom thought even ice cream could benefit from sugar. 🙂 I find cemeteries strangely peaceful, a part of life, but wasn’t certain how I would react to seeing her still unmarked grave. No biggie. She certainly isn’t there. We strolled around looking at headstones to help Dad finalize the design for their joint marker. Our family is notorious for procrastination.

Damn Starbucks for having half-price frappucinos during happy hour this week. For 190 calories each, I allowed myself a couple or 3 mochas and treated Dad to the strawberry ones with all the whip cream they could fit into a cup. Today we are joining my sister after her round of golf for brunch at her club. Gotta be plenty of options for me where those thin North Dallas ladies eat, no?

Had my first, and hopefully only, freak out about impending breast surgery — a few hours of feeling overwhelmed by the surgery and lengthy recovery ( bilateral simple mastectomy and start of reconstruction with tissue expanders). Sue and sisters are lined up for care taking and driving. Pre-op visit Monday, plastic surgery final visit Wednesday, surgery May 26. You would not believe the list of foods that I cannot eat from now until surgery. Will post those when I get home and review the THIRTEEN page consent form. All for just a little bit of breast cancer and 120-pound weight loss. Damn.


4 thoughts on “Family, Food, & Breast Cancer – Oh My!

  1. I’m interested in the list of foods you shouldn’t eat between now and surgery. And I think just a few hours of freaking out over this is pretty darn good. Be sure to allow yourself all the time you need to freak out and then recover… emotionally and physically.

    Also, daisies were a wonderful choice to take to the cemetery. They’re so bright and cheerful.

  2. Sounds like a great visit. Glad you enjoyed it. GEEZ. Thirteen pages of consent. No wonder you freaked out a bit. And I too am curious about the foods to avoid. Thinking of you and sending good thoughts.

  3. I also “treated” myself to three frappucinos this week. This would normally be my treat quota for the entire month.

    It’s okay to freak out. In fact, if this is your only time then you’re doing really good. Good luck on your impending breast surgery! I hope you have a speedy recovery.


  4. Ugh! Thirteen pages! Thirteen Pages! That’s awful! I would go into my favorite food withdrawl…

    If I were you I would be having one freak-out per day…You have one strong spirit and wish you the best in the upcoming weeks 🙂

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