Weight Loss Or Health Blog Or?

Since January 2010, my blog has focused on weight loss as a primary means to become healthier, along with scattered musings on life events. Now I realize that health is so much more than eating and physical activity, I have watched blog hits and comments drop as my focus has shifted to my very survivable breast cancer, angst over the choice of bilateral mastectomy, and anxiety about reconstruction. No biggie except I am in a place where my health is all-consuming – nothing like major surgery and prolonged recovery for a wee bit of cancer to make one refocus to a more holistic viewpoint. (For those interested, my weight loss continues at ~1.64 pounds/week. Amazingly consistent since switching to a no sugar/starch/grains approach in January.)

Does blogging have a place for me right now? Not certain. I can write for wellness in private. I can continue monitoring my weight loss and physical fitness on my own. And, probably no matter what will update my weight chart on this site. Support for breast cancer surgery and recovery will come from family, friends, and perhaps more disease specific sites. Truly expressive writing about my body issues will never show up in a blog. No one wants to read yet another saga of surgery. Pre and post op pics? No way. My distress is enormous. My blog is insufficient.

Hiatus time.

Hand with Livestrong wristband

Livestrong sent me a wristband - go team cancer


10 thoughts on “Weight Loss Or Health Blog Or?

  1. Drat! I understand your dilemma, but I’ll miss your blog! Please resume it when you’re ready. In the meantime, GOOD LUCK on your surgery, and wishing you a smooth and complete recovery!

  2. Jan, the best thing about this post are the words “very survivable breast cancer.” You have been in my thoughts daily and I am so sad that you are feeling less than supported in the blogging community. I have been doing more voyuering than participating, hanging on by a thread in my own life and trying to regain some sense of balance and get back to it. I certainly respect your decision to take a break and focus on “you,” though I will be wondering how you are doing and praying for a successful smooth surgery and quick recovery. And by the way, super congrats on the continued weight loss success. I’ve had a bit of a set back and gained a few pounds over Easter that I haven’t been able to shed. May you be lifted up and carried through on the wings of angels. May peace and calm permeate your being every moment of every day in this journey. I look forward to hearing your success story. ~ Blessings, Janet

  3. I understand, but I will miss you. An occasional post to keep us updated would be great. I’ll be thinking of you.

  4. I’ll be sorry to see you go… and look forward to your writing again at some point in the future. My thoughts are with you as you move forward through surgery and treatments.

    I understand the difficulty with what to write on the blog. My blog is undergoing some changes; I think I’m pleased with new directions I’m planning. I hope it doesn’t negatively impact my readership. If it does, however, it’s okay because in the end, I’m blogging for myself. When others benefit from it – whether through information, inspiration, or whatever – that’s just icing on the proverbial cake.

    Take care.

  5. I think of you much more often than I manage to get to the computer lately. (Having 2 jobs is kicking my butt.) I hope that the drop in readers and comments doesn’t get you down. My thoughts and best wishes are sent out to you and I do hope you are up to an occasional post to let us know how you are doing.

  6. I think your blog friends, of which I count myself, would keep reading whatever you write. And will miss you if you don’t. And, yes, worry as you go through all you have coming up to go through. But I think you should put yourself and your needs first. If you want to blog, write what you want. If you don’t want to, don’t. I suspect if I was going through something like this I would probably seek out support online with other cancer patients or survivors, much as I did and you did on the weight loss journey. There is amazing community and support out here… I hope you find it if you want it. And please know that I am here and thinking of you, regardless of whether you post or not. Hugs.

  7. Jan, I know exactly how you feel. I loved blogging when I started because — for me — it was all about getting healthier through weight control. Then, as you know from reading my blog, many other health issues arose for me which had nothing to do with my weight. Since I, too, didn’t want to become one of those boring old poops who describes each detail of illness or injury, I began blogging less and less. And yes, when I’m worried about health or feeling awful, I just don’t want to use my waning energy to blog. Also, I really hoped to get bloggers interested in discussing issues about things other than blogging — having some real conversations — but I know the logistics…..when people are following 100 or more blogs, they only have time to stop in and post a few words on each blog. I still like blogging, but it is no substitute for real, personal relationships in which one counts on people close to them for genuine support. Yes, devote most of your energy to your true friends and family and your enormous challenge awaiting you….but come and visit when you are up to it. I really enjoy your posts — and they don’t have to be about weight or health. Write about a dream, or a book you’ve read, or just how you and Sue are planning for your recovery. Hiatus is good — I do it (too) often. Just don’t stay away forever. Your pal, Marsial.

  8. I’ll be thinking of you and wish you a fast recovery πŸ™‚ Sending many hugs!

    However, once you are feeling better I would like for you to come back πŸ™‚

  9. I completely understand – you need to focus on your surgery and recovery…but know that I am thinking about you and wishing and hoping for the very best for you. Thank you for YOUR support – wish I could do more for you.

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