Pre-surgery Pics And A WhooHoo

Two days until surgery, and I hit the 125-pound weight loss mark. Unfortunately we have been taking a lot of, um, private pics of “the girls” and oh my goodness am I flabby! Now I have another reason for surgery to be over with – after 8 weeks I can start vigorous exercise. Whatever the heck that means to the plastic surgeon. Of course, after a 4-6 month period of inflating tissue expanders under my pectoralis major muscles, another surgery is required for the final implants and making all nicey (removing excess skin he plans to leave at this time). No matter, I plan to be using our indoor recumbent bike that has sat dormant for eons by next week (yeah, right) to get some activity ’cause I certainly won’t be able to do anything much with my arms.

Thanks to everyone for their very supportive comments and e-mails. They mean so much to me. I remain positive and scared sh!tless.

Anyway… Proof of weight loss and last pic of me with my natural boobs.

I cannot get the Melissa Etheridge song out of my head, I Run for Life, this verse in particular:

It’s a blur since they told me about it
How the darkness had taken its toll
And they cut into my skin and they cut into my body
But they will never get a piece of my soul
And now I’m still learning the lesson
To awake when I hear the call
And if you ask me why I am still running
I’ll tell you I run for us all


11 thoughts on “Pre-surgery Pics And A WhooHoo

  1. You look great! And I’ll be praying for you, lifting up calming, peaceful, courageous thoughts, and lifting up your doctors, nurses, and all those who surround you. May they know exactly what to say, what to do and be in complete peace as they hold you in a warm and loving embrace. May you feel safe, protected and loved. ~ Blessings, Janet

  2. Jan! You look fabulous! And I’m so jealous of your new, low weight. Not that long ago, I was a little lower than you. Then I strayed, but you stayed (hey, a poem) and look at you now! You will be my inspiration for the coming week. And, you will also be my inspiration for always remembering to get my annual mammogram. I’m a few months overdue now, but I’m going to stop what I’m doing this very minute and schedule an appointment. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. You will be in my thoughts every day from now through your surgery and recovery. Please stay in touch with us.

  3. Wow, Jan – 125 pounds gone. That is not only fantastic, but incredible that you’ve continued to lose despite your health worries. I’d have been stress eating like crazy. Kudos, my friend…and hello, you look fabulous!!!

    The Melissa Etheridge song says so much. I’ll be thinking about you and sending positive vibes. *Hugs*

  4. Kudos on another scale milestone! I hit my 100-gone mark while my mother was in ICU after having a seizure, so I understand the mixed blessing aspect. 🙂

    This is a stunning photo of you! That blue is YOUR color. My eye was taken by the color and your smile–I didn’t even notice the boobs. (Goodbye, Jan’s boobs. I’m sorry you had to go this way, but I’m sure you join me in wishing her a successful surgery, a speedy recovery, and a long, long healthier life ahead.)

  5. Congrats on hitting the 125 pounds gone goal! That is awesome and just think how much better off you are going into surgery with that much weight gone!

    You look beautiful! You will be in my prayers and my thoughts are with you.

  6. Jan you’re looking so great! I’m thinking of you today and all the days ahead. Please keep us updated. Good luck to you!

  7. You probably will be post-op by the time you read this, so hope your surgery went well, and best wishes for a smooth recovery. I’m glad your hiatus from blogging was brief! I hope you continue with regular posts to update your readers on your recovery and progress towards reconstruction, and to keep us up on the weight loss front. Take care.

  8. Hi Jan,

    I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I am thinking about you today and that you have been in my prayers. I hope you are recovering comfortably and I will continue to lift you up as you walk through these next hours, days, and weeks. Blessings to all those around you as they comfort you and one another. I know how hard it is to stand back and witness the pain of a loved one….so each of you are in my thoughts as well. ~ Blessings, Janet

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