100th Blog Post

The tradition seems to be that the 100th post should include 100 things about yourself. I have revealed so much that most of this will not be a surprise – it’s OK to fall asleep but stay awake for the zingers, and don’t say I didn’t warn you πŸ˜‰

Personal info:

  1. I am the daughter of a Pentecostal minister
  2. I rejected the denomination of my upbringing (because it rejects my “lifestyle”) but embrace a strong spiritual practice
  3. I am the oldest of 4 children who are much younger – 2 sisters and a “baby” brother who towers over me.
  4. I hate to wear shoes or a bra (no problem with the latter now)
  5. I was born in Arkansas, lived numerous places in the Midwest, but call myself a Texan
  6. I have had 2 serious relationships in my life: one 8-year relationship (we are finally friends after many years); and my exceptional life-partner to whom I have been committed for almost 20 years, as of October 3 (or is it the 4th…)
  7. I inherited the family genetic disposition for a mood disorder and have been dealing with recurrent depression since a teen. It took the patience of two amazing therapists to convince me to take medication many years ago. A doctor should know better – right? Wrong.
  8. I finally am able to call myself retired – but would like to keep my consulting gig going in medical research & ethics because I enjoy the mental stimulation and the sense of giving back to society
  9. I enjoy online gaming but not nearly as I once did. Real life is so much more challenging interesting.
  10. I was an All-American in volleyball

Pet Peeves (bordering on intolerance):

  1. People who drive the wrong way in parking lots
  2. People who run red lights
  3. Grammar Grammatical errors (especially when I make them)
  4. Sexist sportscasters
  5. Millionaire athletes vs. underpaid teachers
  6. People who don’t vote then complain about government
  7. Those who think they have a monopoly on God’s (name the higher power of your choice) will and want to force it on others
  8. Those who would have our country become a theocracy
  9. Politicians who focus on social values rather than economic woes
  10. People who let their dogs poop in my yard without picking up same poop

Reasons I keep blogging:

  1. This provides an additional monitoring outlet for my health changes – even though I often write about other aspects of my life
  2. There is a sense of connection with others who struggle and conquer some of the same issues
  3. Blogging is another form of writing, which I struggle to incorporate into my daily life (writing – not blogging)
  4. I enjoy the challenge of writing something meaningful to me that others might find interesting (still working on that interesting part)
  5. Blogging helps externalize crud issues that I am working through as I am trying to become healthy for life
  6. This has been more of an outlet for my emotional life than expected
  7. It’s fun trying to find images and cartoons to include without infringing on (too many) copyrights
  8. I keep meeting amazing women bloggers – where are you male-types?
  9. There is are so many non-mommy bloggers – THANK YOU!
  10. I love reading and commenting as much, if not more, than posting

Things I have learned since starting my healthy way of living:

  1. If I can do it, anyone can
  2. That “one day at a time” mantra really pays off
  3. You can finally get to the point of staring down your worst trigger food
  4. Reading maintenance blogs/stories has been key for keeping me going
  5. Monitoring food intake is essential for staying mindful
  6. The “Stages of Change Model” really is useful for individuals working alone
  7. One diet does not fit all. What works for me won’t work for everyone. (But I still believe sugar is evil. LOL)
  8. Cravings eventually fade and won’t necessarily return under the most stressful circumstances (Death, cancer, etc.)
  9. Support from friends and family is crucial
  10. It isn’t about beauty but truly about health

Things I want to work on:

  1. Exercise routinely. This is on hold until my breast cancer surgery heals
  2. Write more – yeah, yeah, I know…
  3. Find a volunteer position that is truly meaningful (and doesn’t feel like work)
  4. Find some more connections to this town. After almost 6 years, I still feel like a newbie
  5. Reclaim my inner athlete
  6. Eat more veggies
  7. Gain more inner peace (How zen!)
  8. Learn to photograph local wildlife/birds
  9. Stop caring about my weight
  10. Quit swearing so much

People I admire (non-friends & unrelated):

  1. Ann Richards
  2. Molly Ivins
  3. Hilary Clinton
  4. Rachel Maddow
  5. Meryl Streep – give me one entertainer!
  6. FDR
  7. Warren Buffet
  8. MLK
  9. Nelson Mandela
  10. Current Dalai Lama

Pet memories:

  1. My first pet was a black boxer named Peppy. She protected me from wandering off while I played in the front yard at the age of 2. (Where were my parents?)
  2. Tent camping with Mattie
  3. “Running away” with a dog my parents were giving to relatives before we made one of our numerous moves. I was gone for an hour.
  4. RVing with “The Pack” – Mattie, Megan, JJ, Pokah, Scruffy, Betsy (not all at the same time)
  5. RVing with sick animals in the middle of nowhere. Nothing like cat and dog poo all over the sleeping area…
  6. The process of adopting each rescue. It has always been a joint selection; they choose us as much as we choose them
  7. Sheridan, the best dog in the world, well, because she was.
  8. The story of my parents defending Sheridan against eating a neighbor’s prize show chicken only to have Sheridan show up with chicken feathers puffing from her mouth. “Who, me?”
  9. Learning to love cats. My cats.
  10. Teaching Lucy to ride in our town home elevator because she was afraid of climbing the stairs.

Memorable vacation moments:

  1. 40th birthday at an isolated camp in Maine – one week fly fishing and resting
  2. 50th birthday at The Four Seasons on the Big Island of Hawaii, ahhhhhhhh
  3. First camping trip with Sue and running into a black bear mom and cub in the middle of the night
  4. First cruise last year – Eastern Caribbean for 11 days of bliss
  5. Snorkeling off the Kona coast and having a sea turtle nibble on my hair
  6. Sailing in Alaskan waters (38-foot sailboat) with humpbacks bubble feeding right next to the boat. Thrilling and scary at the same time
  7. Whale watching off Maui and having a large male play with the sail boat for 30 minutes, allowing us to see his grapefruit-sized eye watching us as intently as we watched him
  8. Hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the fall
  9. Flying over Cook’s Inlet in Alaska and following a pod Beluga whales
  10. Landing on a remote glacier in Alaska in a small sea plane to have lunch

Favorite TV shows (current):

  1. The Closer
  2. True Blood
  3. In Plain Sight
  4. Nurse Jackie
  5. United States of Tara
  6. Glee
  7. Chicago Code – cancelled!
  8. Burn Notice
  9. The Rachel Maddow Show
  10. Dexter

10 Miscellaneous Things (warning, controversy ahead):

  1. I am intolerant of intolerance
  2. I believe gay marriage/civil unions are a civil right
  3. I call my self an “Independent” politically but haven’t voted for a Republican since 1980. (Sorry, Dad)
  4. I believe in the sanctity of life but acknowledge that life is hard to define
  5. I believe universal access to medical care is essential to the health of the nation
  6. I believe political lobbying should be illegal
  7. I find nothing more sublime than music (this excludes the love of family and friends)
  8. All wars are immoral but defense is essential
  9. If women ruled the world, the world would be a better place
  10. Even my mother, who was a terrible money manager, could do a better job managing the US economy

7 thoughts on “100th Blog Post

  1. LOVED this!!!! I could comment on so much of it, particularly the things we have in common, but won’t. However… what a great jumping off point for when I meet you this fall… because we are narrowing down our trip out your way and I have been thinking about you:) Looks like November now, later than our original plan. Will keep you posted. Hope you are feeling a bit better every day.

  2. Oh, I loved reading this! We share so many things in common–and have a few differences, too, which should make for lively and interesting conversation, should we ever meet! πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing this glimpse of YOU and congrats on 100 posts!

  3. Sorry it’s taken me a while to read and comment on this one. What a great post. Your peeves are my peeves. Reading this I see we have a lot in common. I didn’t know you were supposed to do this at your 100th post. I’m way past 200 and I don’t think I could think up as many interesting things to post as you did.

    • Took me forever – so I just thought of bizarro categories then filled them in, with a LOT of editing and censoring myself. πŸ˜‰

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