Under The Knife Again

Tomorrow I’m headed back to my favorite “Women’s Center” for a brief procedure to revise my incisions. A nice of way of saying cutting out dead tissue. While some people could have this done under sedation (like cataracts usually are), my chest is so sensitive and my tolerance to sedatives is so high (just ask my anesthesiologist from the last surgery) that it’s general anesthesia for me, some time in the recovery room, learning new wound care, and hopefully soon healing to the point where my foobs (fake boobs) 🙂 can start to be inflated with saline. Plus, I will probably still have my darn remaining drains in place because they are putting out too much fluid. Dang – I would look so much better in my new size 12 (!) jeans without those things protruding from under my clothes.

Did I just mention a huge NSV?  I did! Doesn’t matter that I couldn’t fit into every pair of size 12 jeans at the store, but holy moley – jeans!!!! Now it’s not like I need new clothes to go any place special, but when you can fit 2 sizes lower than expected and have your sister cheering you on – SOLD! No, I am not going to post pics because of said drains. I will say that not having my old breasts (which I am still mourning) hanging to my waist that I can see my figure in a new light, and it ain’t too bad. OK, most of my fat loves to settle on my hips, and the jiggly parts are waaaaaay jiggly. Maybe with time and continued work on connection with my body (old and new) the reality of health will become truly integrated into body, mind and spirit. I have always said my goal was not about weight loss – now I am beginning to believe it.


7 thoughts on “Under The Knife Again

  1. Good news on the size change! Find the good things where you can. Good luck on the surgery tomorrow! Just think, carving off yet more skin = more weight gone, right? Gotta find the up side sometimes. Take care of yourself!

  2. Break a leg in the operating theater tomorrow! Those drains will be gone in no time… Rooting for you and your new boobs-to-be. Yes, I say boobs, because it doesn’t count as “Fake” but is rather “Restorative”, even though the benefits should be equivalent. 🙂

  3. Woo hoo on the size 12 jeans!!! Way to go Jan!!! That is a very nice NSV – and I loved your last sentence. I’m with you on that thought process.

    Good luck tomorrow.

    P.S. Foobs FTW (for the win)!

  4. Just wanted you to know, I’m thinking about you; trusting you are healing well and are in good spirits. ~Blessings, Janet

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