A Cautious Woot

Today the final 2 drains were removed from under my pectoralis major muscles. What a relief! No more dragging around drains, messing with a special garment to hold the darn things in place, draining them twice a day, and dealing with the discomfort that they caused. The cautious part is that I continued to drain a lot of fluid before removal – meaning that if my body doesn’t absorb the fluid, I could get seromas, which are collections of the same fluid. These delay healing, are prone to infection, and often have to be drained under ultrasound to prevent piercing the foobs. So, I am on strict no moving around – no walking, no nada for at least 4 days. (I’m hoping that doesn’t prevent moving my fingers across my iPad.)

Also, I got a little more “boobage” with an additional  60 cc of saline in each tissue expander (TE) for a total of 480 cc, headed to 600+ before replacement surgery. I actually have a little cleavage under my stitches, which will come out next week. Of course my TEs look a bit like baseballs so the appearance is far from natural. All I care about, however, is healing and no more complications. (Less pain discomfort would be a blessing also.)

I asked today about my continued fatigue, and the surgeon said they had mucked (my word) with about 20% of my body surface area. Much unlike most surgeries where the incision and underlying cuts are all that has to heal, all of the skin under my breasts, arm pits, and under the pec muscles were cleaned out. OK, I get it. More nutrition piled on. More rest. I tell you with all the protein, my fingernails never looked so good!

Any suggestions for killing a few days of being inactive without drugging myself?


10 thoughts on “A Cautious Woot

  1. Hi Jan,
    So happy to see that things are moving right along. You are doing well to heed the docs advice about not doing too much too soon. I can imagine that without the extra luggage (drains) and with your new found freedom that you may be tempted to do more than is good for you. Just a nudge (I know a girl who just went in for a second surgery because of infection) Just sayin’ 🙂 And about the discomfort, have you tried some guided meditation? Experentially, it has worked for me. From the perspective of a hypnotherapist, I can tell you that it works for many. There are many good cds available to help guide you into a nice state of relaxation, that will not only help distract you from the pain, but also take your body out of a stress mode and into a healing mode. As a physician I am sure you are aware that you cannot produce both stress hormones and endorphines at the same time 🙂 Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. ~Blessings, Janet

    • I have been using a guide imagery and positive affirmation podcast. Often I fall asleep before finishing either section, but that’s a good thing. My music listening at night has also changed to relaxation cd’s on Pandora, which is very different. Guess my brain knows what body needs right now.

  2. I’ll add a ‘woot’ with a lower case ‘w’ to avoid the jinx. It really is a good thing!

    Hey, here’s a great idea! Would you like me to come visit for…a month or so? I could fetch things for you and entertain you with my wit and charm? 🙂

    Hang in there!

  3. Glad to hear of your steady progress. I hope you can keep the drains out. They sound like such a pain in every way . How about reading a good book on that i Pad? Have you heard of “Cutting for Stone”? It’s an easy, but interesting and engaging (and long) read with a medical bent; not surprising, since it was written by an M.D. (Abraham Verghese).

  4. Four days of not moving. That’s tough. Maybe a DVD marathon? True Blood marathon? The new episodes start on Sunday. Perfect opportunity to re-watch them. Follow your docs orders!

  5. This is good news! I vote for increased book reading and dvd watching, with a smattering of youtube funnies thrown in. Also, have you been to damnyouautocorrect.com? You can lose a couple hours reading through that site, but fairwarning, you will be laughing quite a bit, so don’t go there if that bothers your incisions/stitches.

  6. I do need to download new books on my iPad, thanks for the suggestions. Usually I’m reading 2 or 3 at time but my concentration just isn’t there now. Sue put Netflix on my iPad, and think I will catch up on all the Potter movies.

  7. Glad you can read – i was thinking books on tape if you REALLY couldn’t move! Books, movies, music would all keep me busy and yakking with my sister! Having the drains out must be such a relief!!

  8. I have to second and third the suggestions to read some books, watch movies, listen to music, You tube videos, magazines- you get the idea!

    Of course Cammy’s suggestion that she could visit you for a month and entertain you sounds pretty good too!

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