Foob Update

Just saw the plastic surgeon and no saline fills. I am done with that part! Super big woot!!

Implant surgery scheduled for the week of October 31, which should give my incision time to heal. Also, I am cleared to exercise as my body tolerates! Suspecting it will take a while to build back up to even walking distances after 2 months of inactivity, but I am soooo ready! Still no hot tubs, swimming, or jacuzzi ’til the incision closes. No biggie. Putting on my KSO barefoot shoes when the temp lowers today.


11 thoughts on “Foob Update

  1. Surgery just before Halloween? i see a frankenstein costume in your future. Hey. Life gives you scars, you make cool costumes. Good news that you can finally start to move again! DO. NOT. OVER. Do it. You know that. But I’m telling you anyway. 🙂

  2. I envy you swimming, Shelley. Was never much of a lap person, but enjoyed deep water aerobics for the muscle workout and cardio. Can’t do that yet, dang it.

    I just went and bought some new clothes on sale (shhh, don’t tell Sue). My foob-boobs look horrendous in anything but shirts with buttons. They are uneven, and extra skin shows as bizarre wrinkles with thin material but WTH! Might even post a pic as she never reads my blog!

    • I’m glad you got some new clothes – anything to make you feel good about yourself is a necessity with what you’ve been dealing with. Post the pictures! 🙂

      I’ve never tried deep water aerobics. That class is at the other location and I don’t pay enough to go to it, so lap swimming is it for me. Also, I’m afraid I’d drown in the deep water, to be honest!

  3. Yahoo! Happy dance. Oh wait… that might jostle the foobs too much:) Please be careful and start back slowly. I remember how hard it was for me to be patient about this after my post-hernia surgery all clear.

  4. Oh – I went into labor with my twins on Halloween. My husband made the nurses take off their little cat ears, etc., saying he wanted them to take my delivery seriously. I still tease him about it!

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