Old Lesbians Threaten Marriage

Old Lesbians Threaten Marriage.

Sorry, my stripes are showing, and this picture made me smile.



14 thoughts on “Old Lesbians Threaten Marriage

    • I had seen some of those in a video – hilarious! Think the “corduroy is a sin” is one of my favorites. (Only a gay man can gets by with those fashion slurs, 😉 )

  1. Yep, it’s scary– two people wanting to love, honor, and care for each other now and forever. This thing could cost me some serious $$ in wedding gifts.

    On the bright side, my pet sitting biz could skyrocket if there are honeymoons taken! 🙂

    Thanks for the link!

    • We are probably putting our pet sitter’s kids through college with our 4 critters and the 3 weeks a year we leave home plus occasional respite care for things like surgery. Our “pack” loves their sitter who leaves copious and humorous notes about every visit.

  2. What a great picture!! They are adorable! And what a great blog you have! I saw it on The Lady Bloggers page & the name of it jumped out at me. I became disabled at the age of 19 (both legs amputated below the knee) so I like checking out blogs that have something to do w/ health. And believe me, as a disabled 29 year old, I know how unfair the world is. I’ve had to deal w/ some horrible people who basically looked at me like I was a walking disease. (actually, some of the events took place before I got prosthesis so I was a rolling disease back then) Some people should really be ashamed of how they treat others. The ones who REALLY piss me off are the so-called “Christians” who go around hating anyone that doesn’t believe what they believe. I seriously doubt Jesus would want anyone to go around calling other people horrible names & treating them like trash. Anyway, I subscribed to your blog emails so I look forward to keeping up w/ you! =) ~~Lindsey http://www.beautyandthedisability.blogspot.com/

    • Thanks for stopping by. Checked your blog – your story is an amazing battle of overcoming innumerable health obstacles. No, wait, YOU are amazing!

  3. When I saw the title for your post, I thought you and your partner were going to get married. I was going to say — Good for you!!! Either way, it’s good for these ladies in this photo. Not that you’re old either, but some people refer to themselves as old when they’re not. I know someone who calls herself old at 36… please!

    • We are strongly contemplating getting officially married (have been for a long time), but I want it to be meaningful. Schlepping to NY to a JP just for a piece of paper that is not recognized where we live only serves to anger me more about DOMA – also about the thousands of dollars we spend to legalize aspects of our marriage that a straight couple and an Elvis impersonator can do in 5 minutes.

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