Time Warp

♪♫ It’s astounding (cue music from “Rocky Horror”); I’ve got to keep control… Let’s do the time warp again.♪♫

Besides a referral to the classic cult film, I am truly in a time warp and back to the start of a behavior change – physical activity. Cleared by my plastic surgeon to return slowly to whatever my body can tolerate, I cannot stay on a regular schedule of anything. Sound familiar? Oh, kinda like, “I just can’t stay away from sweets.” “I can’t lose weight again.” “I can’t stop bingeing.” ARGHHH!!!!

Yes, I am discouraged by the complete loss of stamina after 2 months of next to nothing besides walking for daily activities. And, the Tucson heat does not encourage my favorite activity, which is walking. Swimming is out because I still have incision sites that have not fully healed – heck, even my therapeutic tub is off limits. Upper arm toning is beyond me now for foob reasons – trust me, I’ve tried. WAIT! I need to go back and approach this like I did my weight loss.

What is the specific behavior(s) I want to do now? Walk at least 30 minutes a day; cycle indoors at least 30 minutes a day.

Where am I in my readiness to change? Preparation – meaning getting ready to act and maybe still a bit ambivalent. (Hey, I’m still losing weight while being inactive. JUST KIDDING)

What should I do to help me move into the action stage?

  • Prepare a plan of action: Move the recumbent bike into our huge bedroom where I can watch TV or listen to music. It will be more visible than where currently stashed and in a more comfortable (read air conditioned) environment. Walk whenever the temperature allows, which means the morning hours. I plan to drive to a beautiful nearby track to avoid snakes and uneven terrain for now. Can’t imagine falling on my foobs. Whenever there is no time of day that is comfortable, I will pull out a walking video that is timed to 30 minutes.
  • Seek support: By choosing to come forward here about my difficulty with exercise, (which is not easy after so much success in changing my eating) and knowing most readers have successful experience with physical activity, I am hoping you will poke and prod me along. I also will pay more attention to exercise blogs and start commenting (maybe) on those. Engage Sue’s support – at least she can help me move the damn bike and perhaps walk with me on weekends.
  • Make a list of motivating statements. Well, duh. OK, off to do that in private.

If I really do all of the above, I should be heavy-duty in the action stage next week.

All suggestions from your own experiences are more than welcome!

dancers from rocky horror movie

Maybe dancing would be good exercise?


9 thoughts on “Time Warp

  1. Awesome! I sometimes think that just putting it to paper (or blog post) makes me think okay I said, now I have to do it! Take it a day at a time, one goal at a time and soon you will build your stamina back up and with that comes the desire to be more active!

  2. I have an accountability partner we check-up on each other talk about fitness, sometimes run together, and attempt new fitness classes. I found it has helped me immensely 🙂

    Now I have ear worm! And will be rocking out to this tune in my kitchen all afternoon!

  3. Beautiful sister of mine! You have great suggestions from some very wise women on here! For me….half the battle is just making the decision to do SOMETHING, big or small. The rest will fall into place from there. Give yourself a pat on the back for that decision DAILY! Every day brings different challenges, so just that small of thought of, “I’m going to….”,is monumental and motivational. Just from reading ur blog today, I’d say you’ve already made the hard decision, now just follow thru!! I believe in you!!!!

  4. Don’t forget to set up a reward system for your exercise. Reinforcing yourself for commitments kept and goals met is a very important part of “learning” any new behavior. Be good to you!!!

  5. I find the recumbent bike to be good for getting the heart rate up but not really good for building any kind of strength. Since it’s non-weight-bearing, it isn’t near as beneficial as walking. That said, it’s better than nothing at all… especially when you’re slowing building your strength back up.

    P.S. Your comment on my blog about half-assing housework made me laugh out loud. I totally agree. It’s the one thing I never ever need to be perfect… or anywhere remotely close.

  6. I am no sitting here singing to myself. It is not pretty. I actually have that soundtrack stuck in a box somewhere, I think still.

  7. You know, if you walk for 30 minutes and bike for 30 minutes, that’s an hour of exercise – and that’s A LOT, especially since you’ve had to be inactive for so long. So I want to tell you to cut yourself some slack, but I know you want a kick in the pants. You’ll get back to where you want to be, workout-wise, but for crying out loud, it’s freaking hot, you are post-surgery, and *giggle* you don’t exercise and you lose weight! Shoot, I’d take that as a sign (but then again, I’m lazy)!

    We played the Time Warp at our wedding reception. That was fun – everyone was out on the dance floor, even the old people!

  8. I’m laughing because so many of you were familiar with Rocky Horror! Thanks for the encouraging words and ideas.

  9. My 17 year old discovered Rocky last year and has even performed it during midnight screenings!

    I do agree that getting to this point is a big key. The reason the slogan “Just Do It” has been so successful is that it says it all! Now climb on that bike or head out the door and you are doing it!

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