Walking & The Art of Compromise

Yesterday we walked for 34 minutes through Canyon Ranch. Sue brought the dogs, which always slows things down (gotta scoop the poop), but it’s a good trade-off for the company and makes me feel more secure walking on the uneven terrain.

We are still negotiating where to put the recumbent, stationary bike. That sucker is big, and the bedroom seems a no-go for Sue. (Even though there is more than enough room, and it would make a fine hanger for clothes.) So, I am surveying the house today looking for alternatives to offer her highness my sweetie.


11 thoughts on “Walking & The Art of Compromise

  1. No basements here in Arizona. We have these things called Arizona rooms, which are enclosed porches. That’s where it is now with a wall mounted A/C that barely functions. Great view of the outdoors. Maybe I should just leave it there, add a big fan, and cycle when it is cool(er). We moved from a bigger house, so way too much furniture and can’t bear to part with any of it.

  2. I just wanted to say that was a nice comment you left for Karen about cholesterol. I suspect that her diet could be significantly improved, but then I could be wrong, because as a surgeon, I do a lot, but don’t know much 🙂

    • I thought about you and Jan when I wrote that post and wondered what you would both have to say. I swear, my diet if really pretty good. I have been to a nutritionist in the past for this very thing and read a lot about it and other than the cheese, there really is nothing bad going in:) So now I’ll work on adding things like flax and oats and the right kind of nuts and…

      • Karen, I could get really on my soap box and say that there are NO studies showing statins have any benefit for primary prevention of coronary artery disease in women. Also, that the action of statins seems to be from reducing inflammation. And that the guidelines for use of statins were heavily influenced by physicians with monetary ties to statin companies and much more. (Plus a thorough, unbiased, scientific analysis of the literature by the Cochrane group published early this year cautioned against routine use of statins for elevated cholesterol in those at low risk (read that has never having had a vascular event). But I won’t…. I would never tell you to stop your stain use. EVER. I might suggest re-evaluating the numbers with your doctor (not the nurse) and asking him/her about primary prevention using statins (meaning preventing disease in someone who hasn’t had the disease) and the evidence for use in women. Anything you can do to decrease inflammation through diet & exercise is probably much more effective. Oops, I’m being too directive again – sorry.

  3. The AZ room is winning. Bought a huge fan and some of those cheapo pleated, temporary window coverings from Lowe’s. (The cats eat strings attached to any type of shade, which is why all of our other windows have wood shutters.) So today will be spent putting covers over the six windows, rearranging the room so it is not just for cats and making my first cycling this evening – assuming the temp in the room drops below 110.

  4. I hope the fan works for you. I admit that I really need to be cool when I exercise, so I understand your concerns. Next – a little tv for that room? I find the stationary bike really boring, even with music, but having a video to watch helps keep me on it!

    • The fan is working great, especially since the room has 3 openings to the rest of the house. I’m using my iPad for entertainment – so far just browsing or reading novels, but I can also watch Comcast movies and TV series on it! The 30 minutes fly by – after I stop moaning about my creaking knees 🙂

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