Arizona Room

Arizona room

Room modified to make bike workout tolerable. Click pic to see text more clearly.


6 thoughts on “Arizona Room

  1. My cats are extremely jealous of all the cool toys and climbing stuff your cats have…although if that were in my house, Paco would eat most of it. I did like seeing the cat food station up high – glad to see I’m not the only one who has to do that. Why do dogs think cat food is so great?!?

  2. Wish I had an Arizona room!

    And that I was in Arizona! 🙂

    (Sorry about Hawaii, but there will be another trip in the future and you’ll be ever so much more comfortable.)

    • The room opens to the rest of the house via 2 doors, a patio door (it was/is really an enclosed porch) and swell window into the kitchen. So, I open those before getting ready to exercise, and combined with the fan, the A/C from the rest of the house keeps me plenty cool. The hummingbirds also keep me entertained when I get my head out of my iPad.

  3. I want an Arizona room! That’s it I’m moving! You can hardly notice the bike is there…It’s the perfect spot for it!

    I’m sorry to hear about your trip to Hawaii! I hope you find time to reschedule 🙂

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