Exercise & Surgery Plan Update

The recumbent bike stayed in the Arizona room, which now has temporary pleated shades (the cats eat any shade with strings) covering the six windows and a darker film on the door. A 20″ floor fan keeps me cool, and I open the room to the rest of the house before starting my 30 minutes on the bike. After 5 minutes of grumbling about aching knees, I lose myself in whatever I’m reading or watching on the iPad or giggle (yes, I am capable of giggling) at the dogs as they run wild in what usually is restricted cat territory. The 30 minutes pass quickly, and I’m ready for the next day. Walking has not been as consistent, but I’m working on it. My chest swells in the heat – nothing but a thin layer of skin between my foobs and the rest of me so the saline inside feels as if it is boiling in the direct sun!

Speaking of foobs, I moved up the surgery date to September 28. That means we give up our trip to Hawaii – heavy sigh. It was Sue who suggested spending our vacation time for surgery. I probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy Hawaii very much with the tissue expanders causing so much discomfort, and I refuse to wear a swim suit with the extra skin that I can hide so easily under camisoles and shirts. (Hey, no bra needed with these rocks.) This next surgery is supposed to be a “breeze” compared to the mastectomy. How much of a breeze can a 2½ surgery be when the plastic surgeon has to replace the expanders with nice, soft silicone implants, remove excess skin, make needed repairs (incisions and secure the division between breasts)? The recovery should be much quicker although — you know I just don’t want to think about that aspect until it gets closer.

I have a goal to lose 10 pounds in the next 6½ weeks, so I’m off to bike, walk, and plan the rest of today’s food. Here’s to anticipating my new chest and getting rid of pain discomfort!


6 thoughts on “Exercise & Surgery Plan Update

  1. Boiling foobs does not sound fun. Neither does missing out on Hawaii, but it sounds like you’ll have a much better trip there when you are not in any discomfort. Reschedule, and wear your swimsuit with pride when you go!

  2. All of this seems like a lot of trouble. If I ever had to have a mastectomy, I’m not so sure I’d want to go through all of this for reconstruction. I might feel very differently if ever faced with the situation. You’re going through a lot. I’m not sure the end result justifies the long, painful process. Again, I realize it’s quite possible I’d feel differently in the situation. Stinks about Hawaii, and I completely understand the decision though.

    • If I had to do all over again… I might not. But, I’m not sure. I have so many body issues that I thought being flat chested, especially after finally gaining touch with my body, would be unacceptable. The decision was carefully thought out. and I knew all of the risks. If I had not done it, I would probably have gotten a delayed reconstruction then banged my head against the wall for all the pain. Again, many women breeze through this no matter how big or small. My bad luck. Screw breast cancer is about all I can say at this point and get on with my life.

  3. Thank you for sharing so honestly…it helps. I’m in the process now of deciding which surgery, and quite frankly am not handling it with grace. My mastectomy will be prophylactic, so I don’t have the same urgency as someone with BC, but the decisions are still HUGE.

    Rooting for you.

  4. Good for you on the biking and you know she’s probably right that you will enjoy the trip so much more once all this is over. Hang in there!

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