A Challenge…

Thoughts of hunger have weighed heavily on my heart for months – not my hunger, but that which afflicts millions who have few or no resources to help themselves. Finally I was knocked into action by a web site with a post titled Your Yoga ain’t $#!& unless… The rest of the opening sentence says “… or your Judaism, your Christianity, your Buddhism, your Suffism, your Islam, your Paganism, your New-Agism, your humanism, your atheism… unless you do something about this. What appears to be the worst human catastrophe in our lifetimes is occurring now and we each have the ability to do something about it.” You can read about the 12 million people suffering from lack of food, clean water, and basic sanitation. The almost 30,000 children under the age of 5 who have died in the last weeks from malnutrition and associated diseases.

My spiritual and humanitarian beliefs are meaningless unless I act on them.

I chose to go donate the amount of dollars equal to the number of pounds that I have lost through UMCOR. 100% of my money goes directly to relief efforts. I have zero affiliation with this organization, but their standing in regard to charitable efficiency is excellent. (Also, I am not a Methodist and barely can identify as Christian because I think even Jesus would be embarrassed by many who co-opt the name these days.)

Do something, anything. Clean out your pantry and donate to you local food bank. Give money through a local organization to fight hunger in your home town. Donate to combat poverty here in America. (Don’t cop out by believing your taxes do this.) Fight the crisis in the Horn of Africa.

Help really hungry people. Suddenly appetite hones to a different perspective; bodily pain becomes a distant hum; I am blessed beyond riches.

4 thoughts on “A Challenge…

  1. They best thing we can do is donate to a charity and let them deem how to best proceed with funds to support such a large population. My heart goes out to these people and I couldn’t imagine the pain and suffering they are enduring every minute of each day. It puts our cushioned lives in perspective…

    • I had thought about buying canned and packaged goods on our local community food bank’s list, totaling up an amount to equal my weight loss, and then taking a pic. But that seemed a bit self-serving. I agree with you that donating cash, if one can, to an organization that you trust to do the right thing is better for the recipients. Who knows better what folks need than those who are actually there?

  2. What a great challenge! I don’t have any weight to lose, but I could pledge to spend a percentage of my grocery bill to my local food bank or the organization you highlighted.

    • Thanks, Cammy for responding. Just throwing in a few canned goods. The need is so great across the country. It’s overwhelming in this economy.

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