Exercise Update

Found an indoor walking track! It is in a rec center right next to the outdoor track that I enjoy so much and would be using except the temps are waaay to high and even the humidity is running above 10%! 😉 For $66 each quarter, I get access to everything except the pool, which I can’t use now. The track runs above a huge court area – the size of 3 full basketball courts – and around the exercise machine areas, so there is always something to watch. Even better are the marvelous views of the Catalina Mountains from windows everywhere. I rock out to dance music then cool down with sedate opera arias or the glorious harmonious of Stile Antico. Aerobic walking is so much more fun than grinding away on the recumbent bike at the house, although I still get some time on that also to exercise my legs in a different way. It’s amazing how much stamina that I have lost, but each day I notice my speed is quicker and that I smile more. Hopefully, I don’t sing out loud.

view from indoor walking track

View to the north from indoor track

view from indoor walking track showing pool

View to the east from indoor track


9 thoughts on “Exercise Update

  1. Gorgeous views – how wonderful to have an indoor track! I love that pool but would fry to a crisp. I know how lucky I am to have an indoor pool. Maybe that is the way of all future athletic complexes?

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