Not one to be a sentimentalist (despite the above photo), today I am reflecting on the great trauma that 9/11 has caused on our individual and national psyche, the deaths and injuries of those in the towers and the Pentagon and Pennsylvania, the ongoing health effects in the responders, the impact on all of those family members, and the great wound upon the world – the estimated number of Iraqis dead ranges from 110,000 to over 1 million; an estimated 30,000 civilian Afghans are dead; 34,000 American and coalition troops have been seriously injured; over 5,000 US and allied troops have died. For every dead and injured, a family suffers. No picture can show that horror. Now a schism between great religions has been artificially created by one event and reinforced by politics and so-called believers.

All wars are immoral.


3 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. It has certainly been a trauma on all of us… an on-going one. Too much consumption of the news coverage is dangerous too. There’s a difference between never forgetting and using that knowledge for good… and reliving trauma.

    • I had all of the news about 9/11 as I watched it live far from NYC while getting ready for work that Tuesday morning. Glued to the TV for hours and canceling my schedule, I realized that I was feeding my own trauma history (as I did with OKC). Now I shun repeated views of the event and also today’s memorial. Ten years or 2 or 100, the outcome is the same. It’s what we choose to do internally with this event and other horrors. What counts is how we choose to impact the world for good.

  2. No TV for me today except for DVD movies. I haven’t forgotten 9/11 but definitely do not want the media reinjecting the horrors of that day into my veins. My husband and I were going through a crisis of our own that AM (we thought he was going to lose his job and I was heartsick). For nearly two weeks, I was paralyzed and terrified by the events of that day.. Then I became furious about the government and the media making me that frightened and vowed to never allow anyone to scare me like that again. I believe our so-called “leaders” never recovered from the fear they felt that day, which is what stupidly convinced them that attacking Iraq was a good idea. Oh, yes, that and the big bucks the military-industrial complex knew they could reap from a war. It all disgusts me. As you’ve pointed out, so much waste of human life on both sides, They never learn, do they?

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