Injured Reserve

Post ingrown toenail removalThis is what happens when you push your feet too far, too fast. OK, so I had an ingrown toenail partially removed on this toe exactly 1 year ago, and the toenail never grew out all the way. Also, wearing my KSO “barefoot” shoes should not place undue stress on the toenail. No matter, within 3 days of upping the intensity of my walks to include some jogging, BAM – ingrown toenail with low-grade infection. Now that’s normally no biggie, unless you have foreign bodies in your body, say something like foobs when the risk of infection spreading to that area becomes very serious. I had tried a week of soaking my foot and topical antibiotics with some improvement, but the risk of infection and more likely the risk of delaying surgery was looming. So, yesterday I was off to the podiatrist with the blessing of my plastic surgeon.

This will sound odd, but I thoroughly enjoyed the visit. The podiatrist is actually known for his expertise in ankle surgery – I kept apologizing for presenting with something so mundane. We had met last year for the same problem at the recommendation of my anesthesiologist-sweetie and because he is in the group with my orthopedic surgeon (he took care of my knee last year) who also happens to be married to the wonderful general surgeon who removed my gallbladder. The orthopod hadn’t seen me since 80 pounds ago, and we had fun reconnecting. Also, he and his wife and Sue all work together in the operating room so there was much to gab about. He did encourage me to NOT run or even jog saying nothing is to be gained and much is to be injured. I agree. Running is great for many people. I should have listened to my knees and ankles. Rapid walking will do fine from now on.

The podiatrist and I had connected over college football last year and spent the time during the removal of part of my toenail yacking about our favorite and most reviled teams. He was very concerned about my pain level as he injected my toe. Ha!  Actually his technique for injection of local anesthetic was very gentle, or maybe I have much greater pain tolerance after the last 4 months. No matter, this morning my toe throbs but is walking is much easier.

So, now it is 4 days of antibiotics; a week of resting my toe; and back to the recumbent bike. Today is the pre-op visit for my next surgery when I get these awful tissue expanders removed, some repair work done, and nice soft silicone implants installed. I never thought that I would look forward to a surgery!


9 thoughts on “Injured Reserve

  1. I hope the days of “It’s always something” are over soon! The memories of pain and surgery will fade and you’ll be in great shape to move forward into the rest of your life!

  2. OMG, Jan! One thing after another:(

    I have done some jogging intervals and they always make me question if I should be trying to push myself more or just fall back on the fact that jogging is hard on my body and I’m better off doing less impactful exercise. Still deciding.

    • The orthopedic surgeon who said rapid running was so much safer is a “knee guy” – if he says running is too hard on the joints, good enough for me. He didn’t even qualify his statement with something like, “for someone your age” or “for someone who was fat for so long”. 😉

  3. Maybe I’m just being a LOL (little old lady) and bitch all the time, but it does always seem to be something. Trust me, you would rather see pics of my toe than my chest…

  4. You are on a roll with the medical issues and doctor visits! That toe sounds painful. I feel your pain – sort of- I dropped a full bottle of real maple syrup on my toe today. Ouch is right!

    I gave up jogging and just became a very fast walker. I get plenty of calorie burn, gets my heart rate up and its much kinder to my knees and ankles.

    Prayers and good thoughts coming your way.

  5. My goodness! So many things one after another. Good thing you like the recumbent bike. Is it still situated so you can look outside? Take care.

  6. Oh ouch and damn. Poor Jan! Dumb running. Causes all sorts of problems. Your doctor sounds wonderful, though, and truly, how many people can write about having such a good time while undergoing what had to have been an unpleasant procedure?

  7. Oh man! Toe problems hurt so bad! It always amazes me how bad something so small hurts so terribly. Good news on soon to be rid of the foobs. Feel better soon!

  8. Hi Jan, I’m catching up once again. So sorry to hear about your latest injury. I would never presume to tell anyone that it is probably mostly downhill from here, but that is my experience. Grrrrr… I’m going down kicking, screaming, and fighting though, and I expect you will do the same. Despite the past eight months being a time of injury and illness for me, I feel GREAT today and will take advantage of every wonderful day I can.

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