Botox, Boobs, & Caffeine Addiction

During my pre-op visit 2 days ago as I’m going through the list of questions generated for my plastic surgeon (and he is trying not to roll his eyes or fall asleep or, even worse, laugh), his ears perk up when I mention the repeated pectoral muscle spasms that I have had since the bilateral mastectomy for cancer and tissue expander placement 4 months ago. Dr. N mentions that some women have very reactive pecs – must be all my work outs – and he has long thought that the Botox maker should do a study injecting Botox into pecs at the time of implant replacement. The academic physician in me said, “Go for it and let’s write a report for a journal.” He laughed saying he is so past that stage of his career, and I forget that I am past that stage, too. Any way, I am letting him do this (paying out of pocket but just the actual cost of the drug) because I won’t be allowed to do pushups forever. Plus, anything to prevent continued muscle spasm (short of not being able to function with my arms). OK, so I am bit leery of paralyzing my pecs, but I am more concerned with continued spams preventing proper positioning of the silicone boobs foobs.

Now for the latest on the pet front. You are aware that we have a pack consisting of 2 humans, 2 dogs, 2 cats, right? Our chihuahua-terrible mix, Mr. PeeTee, is quite the coffee fiend who somehow knows exactly when I am down to 1/4 cup of my French press coffee. That is when patience evaporates from the 3 neurons in his brain (eat, sleep, & pee) and the whining and clawing begin. Without further introduction, here is the little monster finishing a cup along with his favorite brand. (Yes, he is wearing a diaper because the sucker refuses to be potty trained. Probably why he was on the chopping block at a nearby county “shelter”.)

PeeTee with coffeePeeTee and more coffee


11 thoughts on “Botox, Boobs, & Caffeine Addiction

  1. You know, my old cat Taz was a wino – the moment he heard the clink of my wineglass as I took it out of the cupboard, he was jonesing for a taste of my wine. He would actually hook his paw over my hand and pull the glass to him! I always got the first swig, but (gross, I know) he got the second one or else I’d never get any peace. He was one funny cat! So far none of my pets have wanted my coffee, and I quit the booze years ago, so I’ll never know if the new pets like it. Poor deprived animals? LOL
    The botox injection sounds helpful. Glad your doc is willing to work with you on that problem! And I DO wish I could meet up with your ankle specialist – mine seems good. Do you have a blog email? I’ll send you his bio for vetting.

  2. That dog is hysterical. I can hardly believe you keep him with his refusal to be potty trained. Cammy is right about the sit com! Mr. PeeTee. Oh boy! Have you ever considered writing childrens’ books?

    • I can just imagine some of the titles: “Mr. PeeTee Learns to Go Potty” “Mr. PeeTee Goes to School ” (to get some dang manners) “Mr. PeeTee Has Two Moms” (too derivative?) πŸ™‚

  3. That is fascinating about the Botox to “paralyze” your pectorals (Who’d’ve thunk it?) and hilarious about your dog’s caffeine addiction. πŸ™‚

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  4. He’s cute! Let me know how the botox works out. i think it’s a great idea. Those pec spasms are a real pain, literally and so hard to treat, esp with those expanders in place and another surgery coming.

  5. Funny how a doc is so impatient even with another doc as a patient. They always ask if we have questions then seem rushed or irritated when we actually ask them! Glad you kept going despite the reaction and got to the spasm issue.

    We gave up carpets because our dog preferred them to the grass outside. She has a series of bathmats now which she uses faithfully, in the bathroom, no less. With her long hair I can’t imagine the mess a diaper would create…

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