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My serious thing for shoes, silenced since I no longer need so many pairs given a life of leisure in the desert, has morphed into a bra fetish. It’s not that I have to wear a bra according to my plastic surgeon, but I gotta tell ya, silicone is heavy! Also, I want the implants to stay in place medially and laterally. Nothing like developing a uni-boob (did that during the expansion process) or having one of these drop into my armpit… Finally, at this point post-op, I am more comfortable having the implants supported by underwires. If am going to wear a bra, why not have one (many) that are beautiful? Just ignore the cost issue.

I went back to the delightful lingerie store where I was first professionally fitted after I lost about 100 pounds. (If you have never had a professional fit, do it! Nordstrom’s is great if you live in a large city.) The same woman who miraculously stuffed my former sagging boobs into glorious bras looked at my card – eek, they keep records – and before I had a chance to tell my story she pointedly said, “Those are not the same breasts.” No ma’m, they certainly are not breasts at all. After a brief conversation where she revealed that she had breast cancer also, it was back to bidness. Whipping out the tape measure, she said I was 36-38 C+. Great. Just like my feet – between sizes. And, like my feet, one is larger than the other. (The girls are still settling in, but I was itching to get out of the compression bras.) The style I specifically wanted was not in stock. No matter, I left with 2 not-so-expensive bras that have molding, not really padding. Here’s something you might not know. After your boobs get lopped off, there is no implant that will fill out the tips of a bra. (We will discuss nipples at a later date – no I don’t have mine any more.) So, molded bras give a nice appearance and help hide the wrinkles and bubbles lurking under my skin. Remember, the girls are still moving in! The saleswoman, call her Brabara, brought out a “sports bra” at the last moment. The only thing sporty was the fabric and the lack of underwire. Oh, and of course the cost was much more. Put it in the bag.

It only took 2 days to realize that I needed at least 3 underwires. One to wear; one to sleep in (yes, it hurts is uncomfortable even sleeping without a bra); and one to be in the wash – hand wash, drip dry. Having already freaked out my sweetie by the number of bras since my mastectomy, I sneaked into a department store that had the style that I wanted originally, careful to leave our joint credit card at home. The store was having a “fit event” with professional fitters everywhere and specializing in the brand I was going after. AND, you guessed it, everyone was in pink. At least the event identified the recipient and amount of the proceeds. I shoved down my revulsion to PinkOctober and put myself in the hands of someone who looked way too young. Whipping out her tape measure, she told me I was a 36 DD. Now, I know what a DD looks like, and it ain’t me. She told me to trust her about the size for this particular bra. Dam if she wasn’t right – after about 10 different styles. I tried a D and the underwires hit my implants. I left with 3 even more expensive bras.

Moral of the story. Do not buy bras without trying them on, preferably with a fitter. Brabara said in one style (same size, same company) the black bras were a band size smaller than the other colors! Turns out bras are like all clothing. Size does not matter. Fit does.

My attitude before weight loss


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  1. I loathe trying on bras and usually just pick up mine from Target. My girls abandoned me during weight loss, and I don’t have much left to support. I mostly live in sports bras, which I need to stop, but they’re just so comfy.

    • A good sports bra is a true wonder bra. The only thing better is no bra, but I can’t do that any more 😦

  2. There is nothing like a good fitting bra, and considering how many hours each and every day we spend in them, it really comes down to pennies per wear. Just hard to spend that many pennies all at once, but I’m sure your noobs are appreciating it!

    • I’m having great fun treating my noobs (and my body) to pretty garments. Now time to get back in shape so I can start buying cool athletic stuff!

  3. It is near impossible for me to buy bras. I’ve been fitted several times. I am not even an A cup, so what it sold for me rarely fits and is often molded into a shape that looks very unlike the real me.

    • On the breast cancer forum a woman was asking advice (pre-mastectomy) about how to make certain she was reconstructed at a less than A cup. My answer “DO NOT DO RECONSTRUCTION!” Plastic surgeons seem to go bigger no matter how much you want to stay smaller. (I was shooting for B to small C cup.)

      Small breasts are just fine. As someone I know and love says, “Anything more than a mouthful is wasted.” 😮

  4. I love a good bra and am for the perfect fit 🙂 I know this is very ignorant of me or stupid but I was always under the impression that once you had reconstruction you would never have to wear a bra – I just assumed it was one of those perks..

    • Plastic surgeons differ greatly on this topic. (Foobs certainly can stand on their own.) But women who have had reconstruction with silicone seem mostly to find much more comfort with the implants supported by underwires, especially the first few months. There is nothing holding those things in place but the overlying muscle and skin (and sometimes inert tissue graft).

  5. Thank you for sharing your experiences. After I lost all that weight, I lost all volume. It is so hard to find the right bra. We live in a tiny town, but if I’m ever in a big city, I should take advantage of a fitter.

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