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My last self-indulgent act before breast reconstruction in September was to take one of my notoriously long baths, knowing that soaking would be a no-no for 4-6 weeks after surgery. (My plastic surgeon claims heating up one’s core temperature delays healing.) Our bathroom was “reconstructed” about 2 years ago giving me a large therapeutic tub with air jets that allow all sorts of bubbly delights and salts to be added without messing up the system. With the light dimmed and candles blazing, I luxuriated and read my iPad. Carefully placing my beloved tablet behind the basket of tub goodies, I proceeded to lather when suddenly the physics of potential energy manifested, and the iPad plopped into the tub!

Like my Uncle John noodling for catfish, I swept both arms under the pile of bubbles. Quick as I was, no matter that the sucker was in a cover, it was doomed. When was the last time I backed up? Should I turn it on? Why didn’t I get insurance? Screw me.

To shorten the story… I put it in crystal kitty litter for a week, lacking any better desiccant. Everything came back but the 3G. Glumly I presented myself and my favorite gadget to the Apple Genius Bar and admitted it had taken some “water exposure.” John, the Genius, verified that the damage was irreparable. “Would you accept a one-time exchange for an identical, new model. Free?” Well, yes. Yes, John, I would. What was the catch? Turns out there was no catch, except that mine was an original iPad, and Apple can’t give those suckers away – except to dummies who read with them in the tub and have the guts to admit the “water exposure.”

So today I sit outside a cafe eating lunch in 82 degree weather (brrr) posting from my 64GB, 3G iPad version 1.0 and grateful for the iPad2. Think I should take the plunge for an iPhone?

What is your favorite piece of technology?
What has been the luckiest thing to happen to you recently (or anything you want to share)?

16 thoughts on “Lucky Me

  1. Okay, that is the most amazing Apple story I’ve ever heard!!!! Talk about fantastic customer service.

    I’m drooling over the iPhone 4S and pray it’s reasonably priced when I renew my contract in February. Just jump! If you can afford it, just do it. There’s no reason not to.

    • We are seriously considering upgrading. Leaving the decision to Sue. She would most benefit for work. I can get by with current phone and iPad but 4s would be great when I don’t want to lug tablet.

  2. Wow! Lucky you, and what great customer service from Apple! I want an iPad so much. And an iPhone – now that they’ve gone to Sprint, I WILL get one – hopefully within the next year.

    As for luck, my biggest thing that I can think of (but this was a year ago) was trying to get rid of my last $12 in a casino in Shreveport so I could get the hell out of that smoke-infested place – played the dollar slots and won a $500 jackpot! (I bought a netbook with part of the loot – WHY I didn’t get an iPad I don’t know…)

  3. My favorite technology is probably my iphone although I do love my ipad, I’ve only had it a month or so. But if I had to choose between the two I’d pick the phone since I use it so much. I haven’t really had any lucky moments lately, maybe there’s one coming. My best luck story is when I was in med school and broke i found a $100 bill in the parking lot just when I was going to have to ask my mom for yet more money and I knew she probably didn’t have it either. I called campus police and when no one came forward I kept the much needed money. God was watching out for me for sure.

    • That was an amazing intervention! My patents footed much of my med school (it was really cheap back then), but a preacher didn’t have much to spare for living expenses. Thank goodness Grandma lived nearby for weekend meals and lotsa loving.

  4. Wow! I don’t own and “i” anything but we just bought a tablet for our combined anniversary, holiday and birthday gifts. It has an external keyboard so I’m hoping it will work for blog reading when I travel, instead of lugging our heavy, big laptop. So far, I’m liking it a lot.

    • I have a Bluetooth keyboard but haven’t used it much. Maybe next long vacation because it certainly makes for fewer typos!

  5. Go Apple customer service! Why can’t other companies figure this out? I love my iPod, and still appreciate on a daily basis that I can listen to exactly the music I choose, right from my pocket to my ear! Have I dated myself or what? Thank you, Steve Jobs, and R.I.P. Love my iPad too. An iPhone will need to wait until my contract is up next year, but husband and son are swooning about their 4S’s, so I’ll have excellent tech support when I get mine.

    • I was really amazed at the response! I knew they would be able to tell it had water damage (new ones do not have that indicator) so being less than truthful wouldn’t help. I just didn’t expect what turned out to be almost $450.00 service for free. I only know that fact from the receipt for “service” that was e-mailed via my Apple account.

    • Since the new iOS allows unlimited texting between i devices, we probably will be getting the 4S very soon. Well, I can name a few other features but that is a real cost saving across our entire family.

  6. I had the same lucky thing this week – $7.00 lottery win. I guess the downside of the i-stuff is reading in the tub.

    I am going to tell my husband your doctor’s theory about rasing core temp and healing. Since I hurt my back he has been after me to get in the jacuzzi. I have been resisting and now I have a reason to give him…

  7. Um, I think my plastic surgeon was referring to wound healing, not muscle healing. But there must be a reason all those high-priced athletes are always hopping into ice baths. Brrrr!

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