My ABC’s

This post idea is stolen from Karen @ Waisting Time. Why? Because it is such a great idea, and I am in a creative funk. Here is my alphabet soup of eating, food, and other related themes.

A is asparagus, lightly mixed with olive oil, tossed with sesame seeds then broiled.

B is for berries, straw, blue, Marion, black…

C is cruciferous veggies such as broccoli and cauliflower dusted with a bit of cheese.

D is for doggies that beg for leftovers. The chi-terrier mix loves coffee and veggies!

E is for eggs. Hardboiled, soft-boiled, poached, scrambled, omelet-ized, over easy in olive oil.

F is for fish, which I do not eat enough. Fresh haddock is a favorite. Smoked salmon is a speciality of a local pricey market. Shellfish would be high on the list if I had not developed an allergy 😦 in the 1990’s. What is your favorite fish, and how do you prepare it?

G is for grapes that meet my desert and snack needs wants. Any food that you allow for snacking?

H is for Honey Baked ham with the fat and sugary coating trimmed off.

I is for the cast-iron skillet that we use so frequently.

J is for jogging that I learned hurts my knees.

K is for the Kashi cereals I no longer eat because I don’t “do” grains anymore. (Read Wheat Belly for good reasons to remove most grains from your diet.)

L is for lean protein. Cannot get enough. What is your favorite source of protein?

M is for maintenance. I cannot wait!

N is for nut, almonds and walnuts, please. Although macadamia nuts are my faves.

O is for organic. I’m still on the fence about which products to buy and which are not worth the extravagant cost. Recommendations?

P is for the produce section at Sunflower Market. Love it! Do you have a Sunflower near you?

Q is for quince – something I have never tried, although I have only seen it in New England as a jelly or jam. Anything in your alphabet list that you are curious to taste?

R is for my Mom’s roast brisket. I have tried to duplicate it with horrid results.

S is for steak. OK, I am a carnivore. We do limit beef consumption to once or twice a week. Anyone feel embarrassed about eating meat these days? (Those big ol’ cow eyes with long lashes…)

T is for toxins that lurk in our water and food supply. Without public health oversight from the government (local and federal), we could expect food borne illnesses to increase. Watch how your Congress person votes.

U is for getting unstuck. I could give many excuses why my weight hasn’t moved in the last several weeks, but that’s all they are, excuses.

V is the vitality that I feel when eating healthy and being physically active.

X is for xylitol, which is used as a sugar substitute. What, if any, sweeteners do you use? I put Truvia in my protein berry shakes.

Y is for yogurt, specifically Fage non-fat used for protein smoothies.

Z is the end. OK, that was a cop out. Zero grains. I’m serious. Zero ice cream. What foods are on your absolute NO list, if any?


13 thoughts on “My ABC’s

  1. My favorite fish is probably salmon. I love it broiled with fresh rosemary and a dash of olive oil. I allow myself snacks if I’m really hungry, usually it is fruit although sometimes it’s other things like carrots and hummus. As far as protein, I like all kinds. Lately I’m into boiled eggs for a snack and protein. I love chicken, lean pork and yes, beef. I also found bison burgers to be fabulous. I love love love seafood of all kinds. As far as organic, I have read that bananas, tomatoes and carrots are better organic, but that’s something I need to learn more about, I don’t have a Sunflower Market here. I don’t know if there’s anything I’m curious to try right now. I have absolutely no shame in eating meat. I use Splenda in my morning coffee and that’s about it for sweeteners. I’ve tried stevia/truvia and it is so bitter to me. As far as my zero list? At the top is sweetened soda or drinks of any kind. Coke is an addiction for me and a terrible eating trigger.

    • I only use sweetener in my protein shake, so stevia based sweeteners straight on could be bitter. Iced tea took me forever (in my 20’s) to learn to drink unsweetened – being a Texan ya’ know. Just like learning their was such as thing as Diet Coke 😉

  2. Thanks for the mention. It is great for those non-creative times. We need more alphabet post ideas! I have a great salmon recipe; my boys even both love it and request it. I’m too cheap to buy organic. My “not now” list is pretty long… not sure what is a permanent “no.”

    • I hope you post your salmon recipe sometime (hint). The one thing I do buy organic is the frozen strawberries for my protein shake. They are relatively inexpensive and already cleaned.

  3. Very interesting!

    I have no foods on the forbidden list, but I do eat baked goods very rarely. As for sweeteners, I like a product called Sun Crystals, which is a blend of Stevia and sugar. I haven’t tried cooking with it. So far, I’ve just used it in coffee and iced tea.

    • I will check out Sun Crystals for visitors who want another sweetener option. My mother-in-law asks for “pink, green or yellow”. Would be fun to confuse her with another color.

  4. Organics — there’s a list of the Dirty Dozen. Apples, peaches, pears, and berries… and spinach and lettuce are among the worst. I just saw something today (can’t provide link or citation — sorry, didn’t anticipate citing it) that thin-skinned fruits like apples and peaches are actually SOAKED in pesticides before shipping to help prevent bruising. Scary stuff!!!

    Embarrassed about eating meat!! Sometimes, yes. But not always for the reasons one might suspect. It’s worse when I’m eating with vegans or serious vegetarians who do it for ethical as opposed to health reasons. If I think about it too long, I won’t eat it either. But honestly, I’ve felt better since I started eating meat again. There’s an Emerson quote about how no matter how the slaughterhouse is disguised in the distance of miles, we’re still accomplices… or something to that effect. Powerful. There’s another one that speaks of how we allow our bodies to be the “graves of murdered beasts.” Oh my! But boy, a good burger tastes so good every once in a while.

    • Found the link to the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen:
      I always buy US fruit (easy to do in AZ) because of the pesticide issue and use a fruit/veggie wash.

      I have to admit that the only time I miss bread is with a really good hamburger. Sometimes that lovely lettuce wrap looks so lame or using a fork feels so foreign after a life-time of – ARGHHHH! See, even grain-free (except for that protein bar phase I went through) I can still flash back.

    • I don’t drink, but I do taste sweetie’s glass to render my, oh, so unsophisticated opinion. And, I enjoy buying wine – go figure. I’ll never give up meat either even though like Michele I feel uncomfortable when eating around vegetarians – even those who wear leather while munching on their sprouts.

  5. I would eat much more fish if it weren’t so expensive. I have never had haddock, that is the other fish problem, lack of variety available.

    I applaud your ability to go grain free – I don’t think I could ever completely give them up. I am down to beef about once a month – I would miss a good steak too much to go beef free.

    I am loving the crunchy fall grapes.

  6. My Yankee spouse introduced me to fresh haddock the first trip to New England. According to her mother, it was once a cheap eat. Now it’s ridiculously expensive as the fishing grounds are being fished to death. Frozen isn’t the same.

    The price of grapes keeps falling – must be nearing the end of the season 😦

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