Things I Learned This Week

Reading good fiction is much more fun than writing bad fiction, but criticizing others’ work doesn’t help me write more (or better).

I love having my sweetie home on weekdays, but I really enjoy my private time.

Making an appointment with the dentist is easier now than scheduling a check-up with my primary care doctor. The last visit with her started a cascade of events that led to my breasts getting chopped off.


The older I get, the later in the season that I start playing Christmas music.

Lucy dog


I would have been a very neurotic mother. Our omega dog, Lucy, had some teeth removed. We cried together driving home. She was in physical pain. I was in mental anguish hearing her cries.


The closer I get to goal weight, the farther away it seems. I think my body is screaming “maintenance – soon.”

I cannot escape my SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) by living in one of the sunniest cities in America. The > 350 days of sunshine just delays the onset and the severity.

Light box on my desk for the season








After so many years of not wearing nail polish because of work, I don’t care if amethyst shellac makes my hands look old. It’s fun and less frustrating than trying on clothes.

Purple fingernails






I am very thankful for my amazing family and bountiful life, but the holidays are harder after a loved one dies. Missing you mucho, Mom.


15 thoughts on “Things I Learned This Week

  1. You have a beautiful fireplace! And very pretty, youthful hands:) I love my private time. It was a huge adjustment 6 years ago when my husband was suddenly home with me all day every day. Guess what end of the yo-yo spectrum I was at!

    • The fireplace was what sold us on the house. Well, that and the quiet subdivision with views of the Catalina Mountains and almost an acre of minimal care yard.

  2. First, I like the new look of the blog.
    Second, I like seeing your desk area. Now, I know exactly where you are sometimes when you’re writing your blog, commenting, tweeting, etc.
    Third, oh the poor puppy and her pain. I hope she’s feeling better now.
    Finally, I’m with you on the nail polish. In the past, I would NEVER consider fun colors. Last summer, I put neon green on my toes… and I loved it!!! Obviously, I’d never do that on my hands… but still. Toes — anything goes… and the show tune in my head begins.

    • Thank you for the thoughtful comment. My toenails are terrible, especially after my last trip to the podiatrist and partial removal of left first toenail. Plus my 5th ones are just itsy bitty ones – hardly worth a dab of color. One of the joys of living here is wearing sandals year round. Because of that most woman take advantage of wild colors on their tootsies.

  3. Hope Lucy and you are doing better. I usually cry right along with my kids when they are hurting.

    Love the nail polish and your hands are beautiful! At least polish is one size fits all. πŸ™‚ I have thought about getting one of those light boxes – the dark days of Winter really bring me down.

    My spouse started working out of the house a few years back and it was a huge adjustment for me. There are days that I just wish I could have the house to myself but then I also share this space with our college kids. There is always someone coming and going here. One day when the adult children move out I will have lots of quiet and then I will most likely be lonely!
    We will be going through our first set of holidays without my mother in law. Not sure how hubby will cope with that. I hope we can focus on remembering fun times with her, admire some of her hand work in the things she crafted and gifted to us. Of course I shall have to make one or two of the recipes that she always made that we enjoyed.

    I adore your fireplace and the Give Thanks candles are lovely.

    • This is the second holiday season without Mom. I thought it would be easier. Nope. The holidays were a special time for us, so her absence it makes it even harder.

      Check out Northern Light Technologies for a light box. They have many options and styles. You want something that puts out 10,000 lux. I only recommend them because my little box has been going strong for over 8 years.

  4. Ooh, I like your nail shellac!
    You had a thought-provoking week. I’m sorry winter makes you sad. Me, too. Maybe I’ll get one of those light box thingies. That won’t fix the temps though. 😦

    • Nope, the light boxes do not double as heaters πŸ˜‰ It’s amazing how many people get some degree of winter blues. I am amazingly less moody and irritable living in Tucson because of the sun – the state politics can make me VERY moody and irritable.

      I’m loving the shellac. Even “gardening” in the part of back yard we are returning to nature, which involves a lot of rock throwing, doesn’t chip that stuff. A bit expensive to keep going for long though. Fun for the season.

  5. I never ever ever paint my nails. Now I have something to look forward to in my retirement! Now….you know us PCPs are just doing our jobs. You of all people know that we have to order tests and the reason is sometimes we find something, unfortunately. You may have lost boobs, but you have brand new foobs, right? I tear up every time my kids have something special, like the thanksgiving program at school. I’m such a sap. Enjoy your THanksgiving!

  6. I always kept my nails buffed to a shine but never painted them. And wow were they short! Of course I was even delivering babies back in the old days…

    I might be brave enough one day to post a pic of my foobs. NO! Never online! I have shown them to family and friends though. Our veterinarian, who has become a good friend, was almost embarrassed to glimpse my noobs/foobs until I reminded her that she would just be looking at a chest with bumps under it.

  7. I love your fireplace it is beautiful! I have been thinking about investing in a light box because our climate is harsh and on a good day we might get six hours of sun. Does it work (I would use the question mark but I can`t shut off my french keyboard)

    • There is enough evidence to support that 10,000 luz box 30 minutes a day (optimally timed, usually early morning) does help. There also are dusk to dawn simulators that I am not as familiar with that are designed to get your melatonin on track.

  8. Your hands look beautiful! Love that polish…I never do my fingernails because I can’t stand to grow my nails (ok, I’m a biter). Have to be content with my toenail polish and the crazy colors I choose.

    Poor Lucy. My first cat was named Lucy. Hope your Lucy is feeling better.

    I had no idea SAD was even possible in your neck of the woods! That’s it…you need to move to Hawaii. πŸ™‚

    • Lucy is better, thanks, but she definitely is traumatized.

      Living closer to the equator would probably help. Wonder if I could write off a move to Hawaii as a medical expense…

  9. We are sort of skipping this holiday – or hybriding it. I am working Thanksgiving so my hiusband and college daughter are going to a lunch buffet. Son is going to his meet his new girlfriend’s family and then bringing her to meet us Sunday. Long distance daughter is having her holiday with her boyfriend’s family but coming home in December.

    Our little doggie is fading away but no specific issues right now – but I understand your empathy. Her pain is mine as well.

    I am not looking forward to the holiday music starting – they are decorating the hotel on Monday and I know that repeating tape of music will start up and drive me batty!

    I don’t suffer from SAD but my husband does – I am going to look into one of those boxes for him. should have had one in Seattle!!

    Your hands are lovely! I have short nailbeds and my nails don’t look nearly as nice with color on them.

    I hope you and Sue enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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