It Was A Dark And Stormy Night…

OK, it rarely storms in the desert, but dang was it dark earlier this week as I drove through the barriers and maze in Canyon Ranch to meet up with Karen @ Waisting Time.

First, I have to apologize to Karen. Tucson recorded the 6 coldest, first days of December during her visit. Sure we enjoy the rain. Snow on the mountains 6,000′ above is beautiful. Locals, and especially visitors, expect to frolic this time of year in brisk 70° temps and sunny days. Karen experienced rain, sub-freezing nights, and hail!

I experienced a wonderful 2 hours in the cozy clubhouse chatting with her about, gosh, everything – blogging, eating, family, geography (kinda), the quest for passion at this stage in one’s life. It just wasn’t long enough! After almost 2 years of reading her blog and receiving amazing support from her comments, the meet-up felt like stepping into a friendship rather than the “internet blind date” as my spouse had labeled it. I talked too much (too excited). The conversation was immediately comfortable and connecting.

I left our encounter forgetting to have our picture taken. I also wished that we had a future time set up to talk again in person – more time, more detail, more fun, a chance to break bread (or protein). I’m dreaming of a Vegas-like weekend for like-minded blogging friends.  NYC, LA, a beach? Name the place. Have blog will travel.


7 thoughts on “It Was A Dark And Stormy Night…

  1. Having had the pleasure of meeting Karen (and Michele and Sharon), I understand the delight and the immediate ‘comfort’ feeling. These are people who KNOW.

    I’m in for a meeting just about anywhere…maybe we can get something going for spring!

  2. How fun – I’ve met a few bloggers in person and like you, fell right into easily chatting immediately. It’s hard to explain to outsiders, and I completely get the “internet blind date” description, but we ARE friends. We just haven’t met. Yet.

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  4. Aww, yes. Tucson. I live in Tucson and the weather here can be very inconsistant. One day it’s warm with the sun beaming in your face, the next thing you know you’re waking up to broken pipes due to the cold nights. Beautiful picture by the way. We love every chance of snow there is.

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