Background Story

One more fat woman; one more wannabe writer; another person searching for better physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Enough philosophical b.s. I’m a 57-year-old physician partnered to a wonderful woman for almost 20 years. We have no kids but a pack of pets that we cherish and family members we love even more. I’m semi-retired after 30 years in academic medicine and now adjusting to a role as head of the home <cough> and no longer head of a research division. Transition sucks, and “move” is a 4-letter word.

My weight story is oh so familiar. I was normal weight until my mid-twenties (during medical residency) when I stopped exercising, experienced unbearable stress, little sleep, and began binge eating to soothe my anxiety. My max weight clocked in at 327 during that time. Fours years earlier I weighed 160 pounds.

Call me “Vanilla Oprah” — I’m a yo-yo’er, but without the mega bucks, fame, or resources to have a personal chef, trainer, etc. In 1991, I lost down to a size 6/8 and held for exactly 6 months before starting to binge eat again. (Never could get that purging thing down. God knows I tried.) I have had several major weight losses and regains since then. Ten+ years of intermittent therapy were helpful in addressing my many body issues, which go far beyond weight, but I was not motivated to make permanent health changes until 2009. What is different this time? Read along as I try to figure it out and stick with it – for good.

If you are curious about the title of my blog, check the post “Why Write”

Update July 2011: Much has happened since the start of this blog in January, 2010. My mother died suddenly and unexpectedly July, 2010. Afterward, I took a 5-month hiatus from weight loss and set a goal of just to maintain. (See weight loss graph) After continued plateaus and much reading, I changed my eating strategy after Christmas of 2010 from simply counting calories to watching my caloric intake plus improving the quality of food. By eliminating most processed foods, grains, starch, and simple sugars (except those in fruits & veggies), I found renewed vigor, better sleep, steady weight loss then… My health became challenged by a little bout of breast cancer. Yes, a little bout because it was Stage 0 (DCIS). I am now mucking through breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomy. My blog remains focused on health, but you will see that health and well-being mean so much more than can be measured on the scale, in the size of clothes, or how one’s body looks to others.

4 thoughts on “Background Story

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! I think you’re doing a GREAT job losing all this weight!!! Don’t get discourage as you’ve done so well already =) Keep Up the Good Work!!!
    I like True Blood too!

  2. Your progress pictures are incredible, wow! I look forward to seeing even more of them and cheering you on. I recently transitioned to sahm after 10 years in social work, change is weird, I’m with you there. But it can also be a nice way to break some old habits that fit with old lifestyle too.

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