Lucky Me

My last self-indulgent act before breast reconstruction in September was to take one of my notoriously long baths, knowing that soaking would be a no-no for 4-6 weeks after surgery. (My plastic surgeon claims heating up one’s core temperature delays healing.) Our bathroom was “reconstructed” about 2 years ago giving me a large therapeutic tub with air jets that allow all sorts of bubbly delights and salts to be added without messing up the system. With the light dimmed and candles blazing, I luxuriated and read my iPad. Carefully placing my beloved tablet behind the basket of tub goodies, I proceeded to lather when suddenly the physics of potential energy manifested, and the iPad plopped into the tub!

Like my Uncle John noodling for catfish, I swept both arms under the pile of bubbles. Quick as I was, no matter that the sucker was in a cover, it was doomed. When was the last time I backed up? Should I turn it on? Why didn’t I get insurance? Screw me.

To shorten the story… I put it in crystal kitty litter for a week, lacking any better desiccant. Everything came back but the 3G. Glumly I presented myself and my favorite gadget to the Apple Genius Bar and admitted it had taken some “water exposure.” John, the Genius, verified that the damage was irreparable. “Would you accept a one-time exchange for an identical, new model. Free?” Well, yes. Yes, John, I would. What was the catch? Turns out there was no catch, except that mine was an original iPad, and Apple can’t give those suckers away – except to dummies who read with them in the tub and have the guts to admit the “water exposure.”

So today I sit outside a cafe eating lunch in 82 degree weather (brrr) posting from my 64GB, 3G iPad version 1.0 and grateful for the iPad2. Think I should take the plunge for an iPhone?

What is your favorite piece of technology?
What has been the luckiest thing to happen to you recently (or anything you want to share)?