When I Was A Kid…

There are many posts half written; some discussing my absence from blogging – kinda; one describing our adventures in the new camping van trekking to Texas and San Diego; another on friendship; and one begging forgiveness from being absent on so many of your blogs as a commenter. Since it seems very hard to complete anything original now, I have stolen borrowed an idea from Karen@Waisting Time who got the inspiration from Roni’s Weigh.

author at young age









When I was a kid:

1. My parents told me…“you can be anything you want.”

2. I wanted to grow up to be a… an astronaut. Since women weren’t accepted back in the dark ages, I settled for being a physician.

3. I refused to eat… brussel sprouts, which I now really enjoy.

4. My favorite thing to do outside was… play ball, any kind of ball. Softball, baseball, catch, football until the boys outgrew me.

5. I broke my… nose flying across my grandparents king size bed.

6. I liked to wear… OK, I was a tomboy and we mainly lived in warm climates, so shorts and tennies and whatever comfortable shirt I could get away with.

7. My parents always… made us go to church on Sundays. Remember, Dad was a minister so it was twice on Sundays, Wednesday night, and Thursday night choir practice. Usually some other events were thrown in to keep the family scrambling.

8. I thought that Santa was… my Grandfather. I watched my Grandpa get dressed one year and thought I had discovered who Santa really was.

9. My favorite cartoon was… Mighty Mouse. I have a Native American version (Black Lodge Singers) of the infamous song. Pretty cool. “Is it a bird? NO!”

10. I was the… the perfect child who rarely caused her parents any grief. It was really difficult thinking you are perfect in the eyes of your parents but knowing that you are just a normal kid. Tough to live with.

11. I got in trouble when… the few times I did get in trouble I was very young and don’t like to talk about the consequences. What, you think I’m going to reveal everything on this blog?

12. My bedroom was… never shared even though I had 3 siblings. They were much younger (by 8, 11, and 14 years).

13. My favorite food was… my mom’s Sunday pot roast, just because it made the house smell so comforting as well as tasting great.

14. My parents always made me… say ma’am and sir to all adults. It still slips out and people think I am being sarcastic. At my age, I probably am!

15. My first crush was… she knows who she is but I won’t embarrass her by using a name. We were both horrified at age 17.

16. My favorite toy was… a ball, any ball that I could play catch with someone.

17. I thought school was… at times boring, often challenging, frequently anxiety provoking as I kept striving to be my parents’ perfect child.

18. My biggest fear was… disappointing my parents. Needless to say, coming out to them was a lengthy process because of my fears, not their reaction.

19. My favorite story was… I found my Mother’s old Nancy Drew books one summer at her mother’s house. I spent hours reading them. I think that was what hooked me on mystery and detective novels.

20. My favorite memories… summers at the beach with my family, Grandparents, and my cousins.