Honoring An Honor

Returning to my Google Reader after 2 weeks, I found among the 150+ unread blog posts a delightful award from Snagglewordz!

versatile blogger awardI met Snagglewordz during NaNoWriMo, and she is one of my must read writing bloggers. I know many of you have writing aspirations outside of blogging, so check her out. (Hey, she completed the 50,000 word novel in a month challenge that is NaNoWriMo.)

Besides showing other bloggers that you care about their work, this award allows you to share the love by linking back to the awarder and then recognize other bloggers’ efforts.

Before I get on with the rules, I must mention that I searched through my favorite bloggers (not the professional types) to see who had received this award and found to my horror that Dr. Fatty Finds Fitness had given this to me in September of 2010. I am beyond embarrassed, Ann. My only excuse is that I was on vacation in New Hampshire and did not see it, but dang it! Thank you for the award also!

The rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you. Thanks again to Snagglewordz and Dr. Fatty Finds Fitness
  • Add the Versatile Blogger Award pic on your blog post
  • Share 7 random things about yourself
  • Award 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading
  • Inform the bloggers of their award

Seven random things:

  1. The serial nail shellac ruined my nails! I think soaking in 100% acetone to remove the shellac made my nails weak. They have completely cracked. Boo hiss.
  2. I subscribed to the print version of the NY Times this month. I guess that free year online nabbed me as planned.
  3. Coffee at home is always made with a French press. Thus, my Gravatar – if you ever see it.
  4. I listen to archives of “This American Life” on my iPad most nights as I fall asleep. It usually takes 3 nights to hear an entire hour.
  5. My in-laws will be here in 24 hours.
  6. I lost another band size in my bra without losing any weight. What the heck? In the last 3 months (since replacement of tissue expanders), I have gone from a 38 to a 34. Of course the cup size is the same, silly. I have silicone implants.
  7. My favorite bra brand is Natori. The combination of pretty and the fit to my implants makes my chest feel normal. Thank you breast cancer for the breast lifts…

Now to pass on the award. As far as I can tell from archives, all of my usual bloggers have received this award except one – Pinkvision at Unveiling the Secret Garden. She has been a consistent supporter and commenter. Her blog demonstrates a rationale approach to health. Check her out!

Finally, Happy New Year to everyone! I am focusing my efforts on physical activity this year (and forever) while I shave off the last 15-20 pounds or whatever and head into maintenance. Here’s to health, family, friends, and the beauty in our world.

Bra Fetish

My serious thing for shoes, silenced since I no longer need so many pairs given a life of leisure in the desert, has morphed into a bra fetish. It’s not that I have to wear a bra according to my plastic surgeon, but I gotta tell ya, silicone is heavy! Also, I want the implants to stay in place medially and laterally. Nothing like developing a uni-boob (did that during the expansion process) or having one of these drop into my armpit… Finally, at this point post-op, I am more comfortable having the implants supported by underwires. If am going to wear a bra, why not have one (many) that are beautiful? Just ignore the cost issue.

I went back to the delightful lingerie store where I was first professionally fitted after I lost about 100 pounds. (If you have never had a professional fit, do it! Nordstrom’s is great if you live in a large city.) The same woman who miraculously stuffed my former sagging boobs into glorious bras looked at my card – eek, they keep records – and before I had a chance to tell my story she pointedly said, “Those are not the same breasts.” No ma’m, they certainly are not breasts at all. After a brief conversation where she revealed that she had breast cancer also, it was back to bidness. Whipping out the tape measure, she said I was 36-38 C+. Great. Just like my feet – between sizes. And, like my feet, one is larger than the other. (The girls are still settling in, but I was itching to get out of the compression bras.) The style I specifically wanted was not in stock. No matter, I left with 2 not-so-expensive bras that have molding, not really padding. Here’s something you might not know. After your boobs get lopped off, there is no implant that will fill out the tips of a bra. (We will discuss nipples at a later date – no I don’t have mine any more.) So, molded bras give a nice appearance and help hide the wrinkles and bubbles lurking under my skin. Remember, the girls are still moving in! The saleswoman, call her Brabara, brought out a “sports bra” at the last moment. The only thing sporty was the fabric and the lack of underwire. Oh, and of course the cost was much more. Put it in the bag.

It only took 2 days to realize that I needed at least 3 underwires. One to wear; one to sleep in (yes, it hurts is uncomfortable even sleeping without a bra); and one to be in the wash – hand wash, drip dry. Having already freaked out my sweetie by the number of bras since my mastectomy, I sneaked into a department store that had the style that I wanted originally, careful to leave our joint credit card at home. The store was having a “fit event” with professional fitters everywhere and specializing in the brand I was going after. AND, you guessed it, everyone was in pink. At least the event identified the recipient and amount of the proceeds. I shoved down my revulsion to PinkOctober and put myself in the hands of someone who looked way too young. Whipping out her tape measure, she told me I was a 36 DD. Now, I know what a DD looks like, and it ain’t me. She told me to trust her about the size for this particular bra. Dam if she wasn’t right – after about 10 different styles. I tried a D and the underwires hit my implants. I left with 3 even more expensive bras.

Moral of the story. Do not buy bras without trying them on, preferably with a fitter. Brabara said in one style (same size, same company) the black bras were a band size smaller than the other colors! Turns out bras are like all clothing. Size does not matter. Fit does.

My attitude before weight loss

Lingerie Fitting

Bra fitting to be specific! (Didn’t want web crawlers salivating over a better title such as, “Tits Ahoy”.) After 95 pounds of weight loss, my girls are sagging, and I was unable to find a decent bra on my own. So, I threw my body consciousness out the window and went to a specialty shop, Alice Rae Fine Intimate Apparel in Tucson and worked with a wonderful woman named Becky.

Wow, have I been wearing the wrong size! (too big). I picked out 3 bras – one underwire, one soft, and one sports. All the sizes were a little different because of companies and construction.

The entire experience was most enlightening and actually pleasant to end up with my boobs aligned anatomically, no neck pain, and to spend time with someone who knows her work and enjoyed educating me. I will definitely return as I continue to shrink and try to avoid a tit-tacking surgery.