Spring In The Desert

Last week it was 95°. On Saturday it was 55° and rainy in Tucson with about 9 inches of snow up in the Catalina Mountains behind our house.

Catalina mountains

Catalina Mountain Snow in April

We decided to drive up the Catalina Highway – about 30 miles from our house at 2600 feet to the top of Mount Lemmon (well, close to the top), which peaks out at 9,157 feet. Supposedly the brief trek is the equivalent of traveling from Mexico to Canada ecologically and climate-wise. In the one hour it took to drive, the temperature dropped from 60° to 31° when we reached the little town of Summerhaven near the ski “resort”. Yes, there is skiing in Southern Arizona, but not this year. Usually there are about 180 inches of snowfall. This year I’m not certain there have been any days open for skiing, it has been so dry.

Tree blooming in the snow

Unidentified tree blooms in Summerhaven


icy tree bud

Icy tree bud

I made Sue stop and take a picture of me standing in the snow while her parents tried to get over their car sickness (evil snicker).

Snow bunny

Once back in the desert I shot a few blooms around the neighborhood while walking the pets.

Ocotillo with mesquite tree and saguaro cactus

Mexican bird of paradise bloom

Mexican Bird of Paradise






Generic cactus blooming

Cactus under palo verde tree






Finally, say goodbye to my in-laws! They left today with Sue escorting them home. Thank goodness since they had major travel delays in Chicago. I’m afraid they would have bounced back without her in tow!  (I’ve already reclaimed my space, emptied their crap out of the house, the pantry, and the fridge. Ah, peace…)

Adios ’til next year.


Sue & parents